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Teen Entrepreneur Shakir Hussain Banks £2,000 Monthly with a Fortnite-Themed Design Agency Side Hustle

15-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Success Story

Meet Shakir Hussain, a school student with an entrepreneurial flair who’s making waves by earning a whopping £2,000 per month—all by turning his passion into profit. This bright youngster runs his very own design agency, out-earning even his own parents at the tender age of 15.

The Side-Hustle Journey

What started as a hobby, creating Fortnite-themed art, quickly evolved into a lucrative business venture. Shakir’s keen business acumen didn’t go unnoticed, with his supportive parents commending his natural inclination for money-making from a young age.

  • Birmingham-based Graphic Prodigy: Shakir balances school and graphic work seamlessly.
  • Innovation through Gaming: Leveraging his love for Fortnite, Shakir has built a thriving business that sparks joy and financial gain.
  • Piling Savings: Contrary to what you might expect, Shakir is frugal—the earnings are stashed away in savings!

A Family Affair of Pride

“It’s amazing that I’m making so much money,” says Shakir. His father Amjad adds with evident pride, “He’s earned more in a day than I do in a week.” Imagine that! The family dynamics have shifted where the son outpaces the earnings of both parents—a charity worker and nursery worker—as they look on with pride at their son’s growing empire.

Akito Media: From Humble Beginnings to Big Bucks

The story behind Akito Media is nothing short of remarkable. Picture this: A 14-year-old tinkering on an old computer begins selling unique graphics on Fiverr for just a few pounds each. Fast forward to receiving an iPhone at 15—Shakir sets up Akito Media and starts raking in significant dough by outsourcing creations via Discord. Let me tell you—business is booming!

The Financial Details:

  • Made over £2,000 in January and February alone.
  • Nearly hit another £2k by late March – talk about consistency!

Tax Implications: A Quick FYI on Side Hustles

If you’re nodding along thinking about your own side hustle aspirations, remember this crucial tidbit: extra income usually means tax obligations. You can earn up to £1,000 tax-free thanks to the trading allowance; beyond that, it’s time to chat with HMRC about self-assessment forms to stay above board.

Savings Over Splurging: The Teen Tactician’s Choice

Rather than splashing out like many teens might dream of doing with such earnings, Shakir opts for saving—for now anyway! “I’m proud of him for earning it and for saving up,” declares Amjad as he receives notifications of every sale crowding into their inbox – the biggest being £280!

This standout tale isn’t just about business savvy; it’s also about balance. As young Hussain continues studying diligently at school,
his side-hustle is setting him up nicely for whatever big dreams lie ahead.

“He just has the mindset for making money but he’s not bothered about spending it.”

How it Works: Starting Your Own Design Agency

Step 1: Discover Your Niche

Identify a passion or hobby that can be monetized. For example, if you’re an avid fan of a popular game, consider creating themed artwork or designs related to it.

Step 2: Set Up Shop

  • Create digital samples of your work.
  • Select a platform to sell your services, like Fiverr or Etsy.
  • Determine pricing based on the complexity and demand for your designs.

Step 3: Launch Your Agency

Moving beyond individual sales, establish an official brand for wider recognition. Consider setting up a dedicated website or utilizing social media to showcase your portfolio.

Step 4: Expand Your Offerings

  • Hire other artists if demand increases, using platforms like Discord to manage projects and communication.
  • Create a diverse range of products or services within your niche to cater to different customer needs.

Step 5: Handle the Finances

Track earnings and expenses diligently. Remember that income from side hustles may be taxable, so consult with tax professionals if necessary.

Earnings & Savings Strategy

Rather than splurging, funnel earnings into savings or investment accounts for future financial stability while continuing education or other primary commitments.


  • Financial Independence: Engaging in a side-hustle allows for earning additional income, which can lead to financial freedom and the ability to save for future endeavors.
  • Flexibility of Schedule: Pursuing a business model based on personal interests offers the flexibility to work around existing commitments such as school or another job.
  • Leveraging Talents: Capitalizing on individual skills and hobbies can transform a pastime into a profitable venture, providing both personal satisfaction and monetary gain.
  • Educational Growth: Running a side business cultivates entrepreneurial skills from a young age, teaching valuable lessons in management, finance, and marketing.
  • Scalability Potential: Starting small with a side hustle offers the potential to scale up the business over time, expanding reach and profit margins through reinvestment and strategic growth.


  • Financial Uncertainty: Engaging in a money-making opportunity requires an understanding that income can fluctuate, potentially leading to periods of financial strain.
  • Time Management Challenges: Balancing business activities with other commitments often necessitates significant personal time investment and organizational skills.
  • Tax Responsibilities: Additional income streams may come with the need to navigate tax regulations and obligations, possibly requiring professional advice or assistance.
  • Market Saturation Risk: As more individuals join lucrative markets, competition intensifies, which can lead to decreased demand for one’s products or services.
  • Sustainability Concerns: Ensuring a consistent flow of customers and projects is crucial; without it, long-term success can be challenging to maintain.

Income-Generating Platforms Used by Shakir Hussain


Shakir began his money-making journey by selling Fortnite-themed art on Fiverr, a popular freelance platform. Starting at just £2 a piece, this was the stepping stone that led to greater things in his entrepreneurial career.

Akito Media

The real game-changer came when Shakir set up his own design agency named Akito Media. This venture was not only fueled by his passion but also by the gift of an iPhone for his 15th birthday. Akito Media is a direct source of income as it takes commissions and pays other artists to create artwork.


Another key platform in Shakir’s arsenal is Discord, where he coordinates with other artists to produce the Fortnite pieces for Akito Media. The use of Discord has been instrumental in scaling up his business and significantly increasing his monthly earnings.

Understanding the Revenue Model in Design Agencies

Industry Overview

The creative and digital design industry allows enterprising individuals to turn a passion for art into a lucrative business. Key activities in this sector often include designing digital artwork, managing online sales platforms, and scaling operations through outsourcing to talented artists.

Revenue Streams

  • Selling digital products: Creating and selling unique pieces of digital art.
  • Commission work: Custom-design services catered to client specifications.
  • Licensing designs: Allowing others to use your designs for a fee.

Initial Investment Estimates

To begin a similar venture in the design industry, one might consider the following startup costs:

    1. Digital tools: A capable computer or laptop with design software.
    2. Incorporation fees: Costs associated with legally establishing a business entity.
    3. Miscellaneous Supplies: Additional investment for office supplies, marketing materials, website hosting and domain registration may be necessary.
    An initial investment of approximately £1,000 – £5,000 may be enough to cover these expenses. This range can vary widely based on the quality of equipment purchased and marketing strategies employed.

Rationale Behind Investment Estimates

A breakdown of potential costs includes:

A reliable computer with design capabilities could range from £500 – £2,000 depending on specifications needed for complex graphic work.

Overall, launching a successful venture involves striking a balance between prudent financial planning and strategic reinvestment in growth opportunities such as outsourcing talent via platforms like Discord.

Essential Tools and Services for a Profitable Side-Hustle in Design


  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • High-resolution monitor – for detailed graphic work
  • Smartphone – up-to-date for running various apps and managing communications
  • Drawing tablet (optional) – for digital artists who prefer hand-drawing their designs


  • Graphic design software – to create and edit designs (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Fiverr or other freelance platform apps – for finding and managing client projects
  • Messaging or collaboration apps (e.g., Discord) – to communicate with clients or collaborators

Online Platforms

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