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Sam Ziegler drums up $2,700 monthly offering IT expertise on Geeker as a harmonious side gig

Meet Sam Ziegler: Drummer and Tech Guru

A Dual Career in Music and IT

Sam Ziegler, a 43-year-old drummer from New York, has been juggling his music career with a lucrative side hustle on Geeker. His expertise in IT and software support helps users tackle tech troubles, all from the comfort of his home.

Kickstarting the Side Hustle Journey

In July 2023, seeking stability beyond the unpredictable world of music gigs, Sam ventured into Geeker. With a background in computer repair since 1999 and certifications under his belt, including Cisco networking technology, he found satisfaction not just in earnings but also in aiding others with their tech needs.

  • Filled out registration form for Geeker and passed technical assessment.
  • Zoom interview success: Officially became a Geeker guru.
  • Maintained tech skills while pursuing music: weddings, concerts, recording sessions.
  • Sought work-life balance to continue passion for music.

Earnings and Flexibility on Geeker

Averaging an impressive hourly rate of $70-$90 per hour, Sam’s side hustle with Geeker allows him to dictate his hours around his family life and musical pursuits while earning approximately $2,700 monthly for roughly an hour’s work each day.

The Real Perk: Helping Globally

Solving computer issues across the globe is gratifying for Sam. For him, earning money feels like a bonus next to the fulfillment he gets from assisting others through the platform. This passion-led approach makes each gig rewarding beyond financial gains.

Tips for Side Hustle Success on Geeker (and Beyond!)

“Success is about the journey, not the destination.” That’s what I’ve learned so far. Here are my nuggets of wisdom:

  • If you’re patient and eager to assist others…
  • If you possess basic skills in troubleshooting tech…
  • You’re likely to find your groove on platforms like Geeker!

How it Works: Launching a Tech Support Side Hustle

Initial Setup

To embark on a tech support side hustle, begin by identifying a platform that connects IT experts with end-users in need of support. Complete the registration process for the chosen platform, which may include:

  • Filling out an application form.
  • Answering technical questions to assess your proficiency.
  • Participating in an interview, likely over video conferencing software.

Qualifications and Skills

Your journey should start with a solid foundation in IT skills. If possible:

  • Achieve certifications relevant to your service offerings (e.g., Cisco for networking).
  • Gather experience in IT roles to keep skills sharp and updated.

Daily Operations

Maintain flexibility in your schedule to align with personal commitments. Your daily routine may involve:

  • Logging into the support platform when available.
  • Connecting with clients from various locations requiring assistance.
  • Solving technical issues remotely, from home or any chosen workspace.

Revenue Mechanics

Earnings vary based on availability and client demand but expect to set an hourly rate for services rendered. Monthly earnings can fluctuate but anticipate the potential for consistent income over time as expertise and reputation grow within the platform’s community.

Average Earnings Example:

Note: These figures are based on anecdotal experiences and are not guaranteed.

$70-$90 per hour; averaging around $2,700 per month for approximately 28 hours of work.

Growth Strategy & Team Roles

A successful side hustle often requires more than proficiency; it calls for patience and a passion for helping people. As you grow your business:

  • Create consistency by regularly being available to assist clients.
  • Increase work hours during slower periods of primary employment if necessary.
  • Cultivate positive relationships with clients which can lead to repeat business.
  • If scaling up, consider bringing on additional team members who share similar values towards customer service.


  • Flexible Hours: The opportunity to work at any given time allows for a harmonious blend with personal schedules, making it ideal for anyone needing to juggle multiple commitments.
  • Work from Anywhere: This model eliminates the commute, providing the freedom to work from the comfort of your own space or while on the move, thus saving time and potentially reducing stress.
  • Profitable Hourly Rates: High earning potential per hour affords individuals the capacity to generate substantial income without the commitment of full-time hours, optimizing earning efficiency.
  • Diverse Clientele: There’s a chance to assist a global client base, which can not only be rewarding but also enrich one’s professional experience and cultural understanding.
  • Skill Enhancement: Continuously engaging with varied problems allows for ongoing growth and learning in one’s field of expertise, keeping skills sharp and up-to-date.


  • Financial Inconsistency: Engaging in this type of side hustle can result in fluctuating income due to the nature of on-demand work, making it challenging to predict monthly earnings and budget accordingly.
  • Dependency on Platform Stability: Success is heavily reliant on the continued operation and client flow of the platform, which could be affected by external factors beyond an individual’s control.
  • Limited Benefits: Unlike traditional employment, side hustles commonly lack additional benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid leave.
  • Time Management Required: Balancing a side hustle with other responsibilities necessitates careful planning and time management to avoid overcommitment or burnout.
  • Skill Maintenance: Staying relevant in a tech-focused hustle means regularly updating one’s skills and knowledge, which requires ongoing education and effort.

Income Generation Platforms Used by Sam Ziegler

Hey, have you ever wondered how a drummer can add a little extra cash to their wallet? Well, let me tell you about Sam Ziegler, who doesn’t just rock on the drums but also rocks the tech world!

Geeker: The Tech Guru’s Stage

  • Started: July 2023 – Wanted something flexible to match his music gigs.
  • Motivation: A mix of family love and tech love – helping others is the real deal for him.
  • The Gig: Solving computer problems from home. Sweet, right?

Seriously, think about it – how cool would it be to work from your couch and still help people all over? That’s what Sam does through Geeker. Oh, and he makes between $70-$90 an hour! Now we’re talking real dough!

Earnings & Flexibility: The Real MVPs

  • Average Income: About $2,700 a month for approximately 28 hours of geeking out on tech stuff.
  • The Charm: He only works an hour each day on average. That leaves plenty of time for drum solos!

You get it now? It’s not just beating the drums; it’s also beating computer issues! And Geeker is Sam’s stage where both his passions play out in harmony.

Dive Into Geeker: Tips from The Pro Himself

  • If you’ve got patience and a knack for fixing tech snafus, jump onto Geeker – that’s what Sam suggests.
  • Loving what you do makes money the cherry on top rather than the whole sundae. Yep, that’s Sam’s secret sauce!

To sum it up, if being on stage or solving puzzles gets your heart pumping, maybe you’ll find your rhythm with a side hustle like Sam did. Who knows? Your own version of Geeker could be waiting out there for you to drum up some extra cash!

Understanding the Revenue Model of a Tech Support Side Hustle

Industry Overview

The individual in question is generating income within the remote technical support industry. This digital sector has experienced substantial growth due to its versatility and demand for IT expertise.

Key Activities

  • Providing on-demand IT and software assistance.
  • Solving computer-related problems remotely.
  • Dedicating a flexible number of hours based on personal availability and client needs.

Revenue Generation

The main source of income is derived from an hourly rate model, where services are billed based on time spent resolving tech issues. Rates can vary, indicating adaptability to market demands and service complexity.

Estimating the Initial Investment

To embark on a similar venture, initial costs may include:

  • Certifications: Investing in relevant IT certifications if not already obtained.
  • Tech Setup: A reliable computer setup with high-speed internet connectivity for uninterrupted remote work.
  • Software Tools: Procuring necessary software diagnostic tools or subscriptions that assist in providing tech support services.
  • Platform Fees: Potential registration or subscription fees associated with online platforms like Geeker that connect tech experts with clients.
  • Promotion: Minimal costs related to promoting services through online channels or platforms used to acquire clients.

An estimated initial investment could range between $500 – $2000, factoring in potential certification costs and initial setup expenses. The precise amount may fluctuate depending on existing resources and acquired skill levels prior to startup.

This estimate is built upon the understanding that the individual likely had most of the required equipment due to their previous involvement in the industry. Thus, newcomers might need to allocate funds more generously for acquiring up-to-date technology and education pertinent to current market demands.

Essential Tools and Services for a Remote IT Support Side Hustle

Online Platforms

  • IT Support Platform: Membership on an on-demand IT support platform such as Geeker.

Communication Tools

  • Messaging and Email: Email service for correspondence with clients and the support platform itself.
  • Video Conferencing Software: Programs like Zoom for interviews or live assistance sessions.

Tech Expertise Validation

  • Certification platforms: Entities that offer credentials in relevant technology fields, e.g., Cisco certifications.

Digital Research Tools

  • Search Engine Access: Use of search engines (like Google) to research opportunities and solutions.

Educational Background

  • Vocational school or equivalent training in computer repair or a related field.

In-home Office Setup

Dedicated workspace:

    1. A comfortable, quiet area to work from that fosters focus.

Tech setup:

    Reliable computer system with Internet access.

  1. Adequate hardware: Quality microphone and webcam for clear communication during video calls.

Note on Flexibility & Safety Concerns:

Prioritize side hustles that allow you to work remotely if safety is a concern, ensuring peace of mind while you earn. Remember, it’s not just what you do; it’s how you master the balance between your passions, responsibilities, and well-being. “Success is about the journey, not the destination.”

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