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Jim Battan's Backyard Oasis Nets $195,379 Sharing His Luxury Pool Experience on Swimply

The Side Hustle of Pool Renting: A Tale of Success and Caution

Meet Jim Battan: A High-Earning Pool Sharer

Let me paint you a picture. Jim Battan, a savvy 58-year-old IT consultant, has turned his backyard pool into a goldmine. Since September 2020, he’s made an impressive $195,379 in revenue, opening up his personal oasis to over 10,000 guests through Swimply.

But It’s Not All Sunshine and Cannonballs…

You might think it’s all smooth sailing, right? Well, not quite. Even as Swimply’s top earner among 25,000 pools across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, Jim has some words of wisdom: “Think building a pool will earn you $200k in two years? That’s a fantasy,” he says.

  • Competition: It’s fierce out there! With more than 88 pools now available near Battan in Oregon alone.
  • Earnings Fluctuate: While Jim pocketed $117k last year, this year’s take-home is around $58.5k – thanks to kids going back to school and more options on Swimply.

Maintenance Costs: They Can Dive Deep Into Your Wallet!

Battan has poured over $110k into creating not just any pool but an experience – with a pool house and spa kept at a cozy 103 degrees. “It’s like my own little luxury resort,” he jokes. But keeping it pristine costs big bucks; we’re talking upwards of $41k since launch!

The “Passive” Income Myth Debunked

“Practically running a mini resort here!” laughs Jim as he details greeting swimmers and ensuring they have everything from pool toys to heated blankets for those chillier days. Imagine up to 14 hours per week; that’s dedication!

Curtain Call on the Pool Sharing Scene?

Battan hints at winding down after hitting that $200k mark by scaling back availability – weekends only or special requests from regulars – partly due to the workload but also because travel dreams are calling.

If you’ve got the grit for it, like our friend Jim here does – why not dive in?

How it Works: Launching Your Pool Sharing Side Hustle

Starting Up

  • Analyze Local Demand: Research the competitiveness in your area. Ascertain the number of available pools for rent.
  • Craft a Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What differentiates your pool? Think luxury features, amenities, or location.
  • Pricing Strategy: Set competitive pricing while considering your costs and desired earnings.
  • List Your Pool: Use a platform like Swimply or similar to list your pool with high-quality photographs and detailed descriptions.

Maintenance & Quality Assurance

To ensure repeat business, regular maintenance is key. This includes:

  • Cleaning the pool regularly to maintain hygiene and aesthetics.
  • Balancing chemical levels for safe and comfortable swimming conditions.
  • Providing amenities such as towels, clean changing areas, and possibly heated blankets in colder seasons to enhance the guest experience.

Daily Operations Management

The daily grind involves more than just sitting back. You’ll need to:

  • Greet guests and provide an orientation if necessary.
  • Be on-call during bookings for any assistance or emergencies.


  • Financial Upside: Engaging in this business model could result in significant revenue, as demonstrated by the example of high earnings over a specific period. This suggests that with a well-maintained and attractive offering, there is a potential to generate substantial income.
  • Lifestyle Flexibility: Renting out an asset you own can offer a flexible lifestyle where you have control over your schedule. You can decide when and how often to rent out your space, allowing for personal time or other commitments.
  • High Demand: In situations where public facilities are unavailable or limited, such as during the pandemic lockdowns, privately-owned amenities can experience surges in demand, providing opportunities for owners to capitalize on their investments.
  • Repeat Business Potential: Offering top-notch service and exceptional experiences can lead to repeat customers. Building a loyal client base can sustain revenue flow and reduce the need for constant marketing efforts.
  • Property Value Enhancement: Investing in high-quality additions or improvements to your property not only serves the immediate business opportunity but may also increase the overall value of your property, which is beneficial in the long term.


  • High Competition: As the market saturates, the cutthroat nature of the business can significantly diminish rental traffic.
  • Costly Maintenance: The upkeep for luxury experiences is expensive, reducing the net gain from rental earnings.
  • Labor Intensive: Offering a high-end service requires substantial time and energy, making it far from passive income.
  • Financial Risk: Initial investments are steep and may not always guarantee equivalent returns, posing a financial risk.
  • Lifestyle Impact: Managing such an enterprise can encroach on personal time and lifestyle choices, demanding constant attention to operations.

Income-Generating Platforms

Hey, have you ever wondered how people are turning their backyards into moneymakers? Well, take Jim Battan for example. He’s the guy who converted his amenity-packed pool into a cash pool. Let’s dive into the details!

Swimply: The Go-To Platform

  • Role: Direct income generation by renting out his pool.
  • Battan is Swimply’s top earner in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.
  • Raked in a cool $195,379 since September 2020 by hosting over 10,000 swimmers.

You know what they say about all that glitters not being gold? Battan cautions others that replicating his success isn’t a walk in the park. It takes hard work and a killer competitive edge.

The Competitive Edge

Battan joined Swimply during the COVID-19 pandemic when public pools were non-existent, which gave him an advantage since there were only a handful of other pools listed near West Linn, Oregon. But guess what? The number has skyrocketed to at least 88! Despite this spike in competition and a drop in demand lately, he still manages to out-earn other pool owners on Swimply – talk about staying afloat!

Battan doesn’t regret his decision to join Swimply but admits there have been some challenges along the way with increased competition and at times slow customer support.

A Word of Caution

Maintaining such an attraction isn’t cheap—Battan splurged $110K on construction and has shelled out over $41K just on upkeep since launching on Swimply. Oh, and it’s anything but passive income; we’re talking up to 14 hours per week during peak summer to keep things running smoothly.

Inspired yet cautious—that’s how we should approach these six-figure side hustles. If you’ve got something unique like Battan’s luxury backyard oasis and you’re ready for the hustle – why not give it a shot?

Exploring the Pool-Sharing Economy: A Dive into Revenue and Investments

The Revenue Model

Renting personal amenities such as pools can be a lucrative business. Key activities include maintaining the pool, offering a luxury experience, and ensuring customer satisfaction to inspire repeat bookings.

  • Competition: With the increase in hosts, standing out is crucial.
  • Maintenance Costs: Regular upkeep ensures repeat customers.
  • Engagement: Actively engaging with customers enhances their experience.

The Industry Dynamics

The sharing economy allows homeowners to monetize underutilized assets. This industry’s growth is driven by consumer demand for personalized and comfortable experiences outside traditional venues.

Key Investment Considerations

To start a similar venture, several costs need consideration:

    1. Preliminary Investment:
      • Amenity construction or renovation for optimal appeal.
      • Incorporating extra features that provide a competitive edge.

Investment Reasoning

While this business model can yield substantial income, it necessitates foresight, dedication to service excellence, and a significant initial outlay. Prospective entrepreneurs should be prepared to immerse themselves in every aspect of the experience they intend to offer.

Essential Toolbox for Your Pool Leasing Endeavor

Digital Platforms & Software

  • Pool Rental Marketplace Account: A membership on platforms such as Swimply is pivotal to connect with potential renters.
  • Scheduling Software: To manage bookings efficiently, keep track of availability, and avoid double-booking mishaps.
  • Payment Processing System: For handling transactions, ensuring you get paid smoothly and securely.
  • Maintenance Tracking App: Helps in keeping records of cleaning schedules, chemical levels, and equipment servicing.

Maintenance Equipment & Supplies

  • Quality Pool Cleaning Gear: Skimmers, brushes, and vacuums to keep the water crystal clear.
  • Chemicals for Disinfection & Balancing: Such as chlorine and pH balancers to maintain a healthy swimming environment.
  • HVAC System for Pools (optional):The ability to heat your pool can extend renting seasons; this requires a reliable heating system.

Amenities & Guest Comforts

  • Towels: A stockpile of fluffy towels shows attention to guest comforts. Nice touch!Towels are not just useful but signal hospitality.
  • Pleasant Outdoor Furniture: Deck loungers or patio sets where guests can relax. Create an inviting ambiance – it’s all in the details! We’re talking cloud-like cushions that lull guests into serenity.
  • Premium Pool Toys & Accessories: Fun floaties or pool games amplify enjoyment. Think jumbo swans or epic water guns – instant crowd-pleasers!
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