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Grace Ryus Freelance Empire nets $96,000 a year from TikTok to Pet-Sitting

Meet Grace Ryu: The Multifaceted Freelancer

Ever wonder how a 23-year-old could eschew the 9-to-5 grind and still rake in a cool $96,000 annually? Meet Grace Ryu, a college grad with more gigs than you could shake a stick at – we’re talking TikTok creation, pet-sitting, and even planning picnics. Sure, working full-time has its perks, but for Grace? It’s all about that work-life balance.

The Hustle of Diversified Income

  • TikTok Creator and Picnic Planner: Just a couple of the unique roles she juggles.
  • Pet-Sitting & Nannying: They’re not just jobs; they’re adventures in babysitting and furry friendships.
  • Tech Sales Whizz: Briefly an account manager until March 2023 – but who can resist being their own boss?

“Can you imagine working wherever your heart desires?” Grace asks rhetorically. As someone who’s wrangled bulls on a ranch and served tables while studying at Texas A&M University, she’s no stranger to hard work. But as she puts it, “Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too when it comes to earning a living?”

Farewell Full-Time: The Leap into Freelancing

“New York City in the summer as a live-in nanny sounded divine,” says Grace. Still, two months was enough for her to crave the Texan sunsets of home. What did she do next? She doubled down on being young and free—why settle for one job when nine gigs provide so much variety?

A Glimpse Into Her Entrepreneurial Spirit:

  1. User Generated Content (UGC) Creator & Influencer
  2. TikTok Partner & Affiliate Marketer Extraordinaire
  3. Picnic Planning Maven & Babysitter-on-Demand
  4. Dogwalker & Digital Product Seller Savant
  5. AirBnB Mogul-in-the-Making (thanks to rent-free living)

Gone are the days of rent woes—her folks moved out east to Korea in October 2023, leaving her with prime AirBnB real estate. She plans it smart: saving here, investing there. Homeownership by 27? That’s the goal.

Cultivating Joy and Financial Freedom:

You’ll catch Ryu bouncing between shopping sprees fueled by her multiple income streams or trotting across the globe from NYC to Seoul—and loving every minute of it. “Variety is truly the spice of life,” Grace reflects with an entrepreneurial gleam in her eye.

Surely this flexible lifestyle would suit future dreams like motherhood or business ownership but make no mistake; Grace has zero intention of returning to traditional employment confines. As she puts it confidently: “Why limit myself when I can embrace the eclectic energy of different side hustles every day?” Indeed, why should she—or anyone else?

How it Works: Diversifying Income Streams

Gaining financial independence through a diverse portfolio of freelance gigs can be a liberating alternative to the traditional 9-to-5 career path. Here’s how you can turn various skills into multiple income sources:

Getting Started

  • Identify Your Skills: List down all your talents and interests that can be monetized, such as content creation, pet care, or event planning.
  • Create a Business Plan: Draft a strategy for each endeavor, considering your target market, potential earnings, and scalability.

Gig Selection & Management

Select gigs that align with your skills and interests to keep motivation high:

  • Variety is Spice: Combine different types of work like social media management (TikTok), event planning (picnics), or caregiving (nannying).
  • Balancing Act: Allocate time for each role wisely to maintain work-life harmony and avoid burnout.

Earning and Growth

Focusing on revenue-generation tactics is essential for success in the gig economy:

  • Diverse Revenue Streams: Engage in activities such as affiliate marketing, content partnerships, or renting property.
  • Pace Your Growth: As your ventures grow, consider reinvesting profits into business expansion or personal development opportunities.

Maintaining Sustainability

Sustainability comes from balancing personal life with the hustle of managing multiple jobs. To achieve this symbiosis:

  • Leverage Flexibility: Mix up daily tasks to keep the workflow dynamic and engaging.
  • Economic Wisdom: Saving and investing a portion of your earnings will help build long-term wealth.


  • Financial Flexibility: Diversification of income streams, such as freelance and gig work, can lead to significant earnings potential without the constraints of a single employer.
  • Work-Life Harmony: The ability to choose when and where to work offers a balance that can be elusive in traditional full-time roles, allowing for personal pursuits and downtime.
  • Lifestyle Autonomy: Freelancers have the liberty to craft a schedule that suits their lifestyle preferences, whether it’s accommodating travel desires or a penchant for shopping sprees.
  • Professional Growth: Engaging in various gigs enables skill diversification and entrepreneurial growth, valuable for those with an eye on future business ownership or career changes.
  • Scalability: Gig economy ventures provide an opportunity for scaling up or down based on personal goals and market demand, which is less feasible in conventional employment settings.


  • Financial Instability: Income can fluctuate significantly, making budgeting and financial planning challenging.
  • Benefits and Security: Lack of employer-provided benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, or paid leave.
  • Work-Life Balance: Managing multiple gigs can lead to overworking and burnout, as work hours might extend beyond a typical job.
  • Sustainability: The continuous need to secure new gigs may not be sustainable long-term for consistent earnings.
  • Professional Growth: Freelancing could limit opportunities for career advancement that are often found in traditional employment settings.

Income Generation Platforms Used by Grace Ryu

TikTok Creation

Direct Income Generation: Yes. As a TikTok partner and content creator, Grace earns part of her income through this platform. It’s one of the gigs that contribute to her annual $96,000 earnings.

Picnic Planning Services

Direct Income Generation: Absolutely! Picnic planning is mentioned as one of her freelance gigs, adding to her diverse stream of revenue.

Pet-Sitting and Nannying

  • Dogwalking: Earns income by offering her services to pet owners.
  • Babysitting/Part-time Nannying: Also a source of direct income, with occasional work for a family in New York.

AirBnB Hosting

Earning from Renting: Yes, indeed! Grace rents out her parental home on AirBnB. A seasonal strategy that helps pocket a substantial sum each month – think $8k!

Digital Sales & Affiliate Marketing

Goes hand-in-hand with being a UGC creator and influencer. These roles include selling digital products and partnering through affiliate marketing links – more cha-ching in the bank!

All these platforms collectively empower Grace to stay away from the traditional 9-to-5 grind while still hitting financial goals like becoming a homeowner by 27. Isn’t that something we all dream about?

Understanding the Freelance Revenue Model

Industry and Key Activities

The freelance industry spans across various sectors, with individuals engaging in diverse activities to generate revenue. In a generalized approach, key activities include:

  • Content creation for social media platforms
  • Event planning services
  • Pet care and house-sitting
  • Child care services
  • Sales and marketing through affiliate partnerships
  • Renting out property on vacation rental platforms
  • Digital product sales

Initial Investment Estimation

To embark on a similar entrepreneurial journey, one would need to account for the following investment considerations:

  • Equipment:
    1.  The necessary tools for content creation, such as a quality camera or smartphone, editing software, and perhaps lighting equipment.

 Marketing Costs: Investment in branding and promoting services online.

Pet Care Start-up:

 Purchasing pet supplies or obtaining certification for pet care if required.

  • Educational Material: Courses or materials to enhance skills in various freelance activities.
  • Rental Logistics:  Preparing the property for guests may involve initial costs for furniture, decor, and maintenance.
  • Marketing Funds: A budget dedicated to promoting your rental space on platforms, including photography and listing fees.
  • Digital Product Development:  ​Costs associated with creating digital products might include software subscriptions or design fees.
  • Savings Reserves: Last but not least, setting aside savings to cushion the unpredictable nature of income streams is crucial.

In all these estimates , one must consider ongoing expenses like taxes , insurance.

Essential Tools and Services for Diverse Income Streams

Digital Content Creation

  • Video Editing Software: For TikTok content creation and UGC (user-generated content)
  • Smartphone or Camera: High-quality image and video capture
  • Social Media Platforms: TikTok, Instagram, etc., for sharing content and engaging with an audience

Picnic Planning & Event Coordination

  • Planning Apps: To organize events and manage bookings
  • Transportation: Reliable vehicle for site visits and event setup
  • Catering Supplies: Portable cooking equipment, utensils, and presentation materials

Pet Care Services

  • Pet Handling Gear: Leashes, carriers, and grooming tools for dog walking/sitting services
  • Scheduling Software: Manage appointments for pet-sitting or dog-walking sessions.

Nannying & Childcare Provision

  • A well-maintained vehicle: For safe transportation of children if required.

    Child Entertainment Kit: Toys, books, games to engage children during care.

    Safety Equipment: First-aid kit to ensure a safe environment.

    Sales & Marketing

    • Analytical Tools: To track sales progress or affiliate marketing success.
    • Networking Platforms: Professional connection-building such as LinkedIn.
    • Email Management Software: For outreach campaigns to potential clients. 
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