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Danielle Schulz's Corporate Choreography Crafts $100,000 from Team-Building Wellness Workshops

Imagine catching a train at the crack of dawn, not getting back until the stars are out. That’s a day in the life of Danielle Schulz, 36, a professional dancer and startup guru from Philadelphia. She commutes to New York City for rehearsals at The Metropolitan Opera. But that’s not all; she’s also the brain behind The Triangle Sessions, a company bringing wellness into the corporate world.

A Day Packed with Passion and Productivity

Danielle isn’t your ordinary commuter. She juggles checking emails and grabbing her favorite breakfast sandwich in NYC with grace. Once she arrives, it’s straight to ballet class before diving into her other love – her business.

  • Founder of The Triangle Sessions – corporate wellness and team-building events.
  • Dances with The Metropolitan Opera for over 10 years in shows like “The Magic Flute”.
  • Past gigs include restaurant work, cruise ship performing, and yoga teaching.
  • Harnesses a ‘hustling mentality’ to thrive financially.

More Than Just Dancing Shoes: Diversifying Income Streams

You might think managing these two jobs is tough, but Danielle makes it look like a well-choreographed dance. She’s part of an ever-growing group of Americans stepping outside the typical 9-to-5 grind – around 39%, according to recent stats!

The Triangle Sessions, born out of creativity during harder times (hello pandemic!), now boasts big-name clients like Google and Meta. Here’s how she breaks down her financial pirouette:

  1. Main Hustle: Dance with passion at The Met while keeping fit through training classes.
  2. Side Gig: Run wellness workshops for companies craving connection and care during work hours.
  3. Earnings Mix: A blend of dance income supplemented liberally by workshop revenues – totaling five to six figures annually!
  4. No experience goes to waste – every step adds richness to life!

Finding Harmony Between Two Worlds

Danielle plans her entrepreneurial ventures around her show schedule at The Met. Her approach? Cultivate relationships with clients who value their employees’ growth as much as their own profits. This balance has become more crucial than ever as workplaces evolve post-pandemic.

  • Sometimes contractors are brought in for specialized workshops.
  • Versatility is key – from insurance firms to tech giants!
  • The shift back to offices? A golden opportunity for The Triangle Sessions.”It’s about weaving that thread of connection while nurturing our personal wellbeing,” muses Danielle on striking a balance between work commitments and self-care.

Towards A Future Steeped In Flexibility And Health

Don’t you just love those quiet moments when life slows down? For Danielle, those times mean family first.
Gearing up for retirement? Yup! It’s on Danielle’s horizon – transitioning from toe shoes to full-time business moccasins.
But guess what? Retirement won’t mean stillness; movement is etched in her soul forever.

How it Works: Building a Side Hustle in Corporate Wellness

Initial Setup

  1. Identify Your Passion & Skills: Start by evaluating what you are passionate about and the skills you can offer, similar to how Schulz leveraged her dance background.
  2. Market Research: Conduct research to identify gaps in the market. Schulz observed a demand for corporate wellness and team-building activities.
  3. Create a Business Plan: Outline your services, potential clients, and business goals. Establish whether you’ll operate virtually, in-person, or both.
  4. Business Branding: Choose a business name that resonates with your service offering. For example, ‘The Triangle Sessions’ conveys a sense of balance and structure.
  5. Legalities: Register your business to make it official. Handle any legal paperwork necessary for operating within your jurisdiction.

Ramp-Up Phase

  • Diversify Offerings: Develop multiple sessions covering various topics like relaxation techniques or terrarium building to cater to different interests.
  • Pilot Your Services: Start small with a pilot event to gather feedback and refine your offerings based on the client’s responses.


  • Financial Independence: Embracing nontraditional careers can lead to diversified income streams, enhancing financial security and independence, evidenced by individuals branching out into side hustles and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Lifestyle Flexibility: Pursuing gigs or freelance opportunities offers the freedom to tailor work schedules around personal lives, allowing for a work-life integration that caters to individual needs and aspirations.
  • Creative Fulfillment: Engaging in diverse professional activities can enrich one’s career, providing avenues for creative expression and personal growth that may not be feasible in conventional roles.
  • Scalability Potential: Building a business based on unique skills or services can allow for scalable financial growth, adapting to market demands and expanding clientele as seen with companies offering niche team-building events.
  • Societal Contribution: By sharing expertise through workshops or community-oriented services, individuals contribute positively to societal well-being while simultaneously building a reputation that fuels business success.


  • Financial Risks: Engaging in side hustles or freelance work can lead to fluctuating incomes that differ greatly year-to-year, making financial planning and stability a challenge.
  • Work-Life Balance: Managing multiple jobs, such as performing at an opera and running a business, often leads to long hours and can encroach on personal and family time.
  • Schedule Juggling: Balancing career commitments with a startup requires meticulous planning and may result in missed opportunities if one’s schedule becomes too rigid or unpredictable.
  • Mental Exhaustion: Continuous shifting between diverse job roles can be mentally taxing, necessitating strong adaptability and sometimes resulting in burnout.
  • Limited Scalability: When the business largely depends on one person’s expertise, like Schulz’s Triangle Sessions, scaling up operations can be difficult without hiring additional staff or contractors.

Danielle Schulz’s Income-Generating Platforms

Ever wondered how folks like Danielle are shaking up the traditional workday and making their income? Let’s dive into her world of dance and entrepreneurship!

The Metropolitan Opera: A Stage for Passion

  • Danielle has graced the stage with The Metropolitan Opera for a decade, partaking in masterpieces like “The Magic Flute” and “Der Rosenkavalier.”
  • Although it’s a passion, she notes that dancing alone doesn’t pay all the bills. To top up her earnings, she’s found herself also waiting tables, cruising as a performer on ships, and teaching yoga.

The Triangle Sessions: From Startup to Success

  • Danielle isn’t just about ballet slippers; she’s also the entrepreneur behind The Triangle Sessions.
  • This innovative startup offers corporate wellness and team-building events. Think relaxation classes and terrarium building – pretty cool, right?
  • It skyrocketed during the pandemic when companies craved virtual employee engagement.
  • Now here comes the kicker: The Triangle Sessions contributes to about 60% to 80% of her annual income! That’s no pocket change.
  • Clients include major names like Google, Meta, and Deloitte, which means some serious business is heading her way.

“No experience is wasted,” says Schulz. And who can argue with that? Everything she’s done has added to her rich tapestry of life!

Balancing Act: Dance Rehearsals vs. Entrepreneurship

  • Scheduling around show seasons helps Danielle juggle between The Met performances and running The Triangle Sessions.
  • Sometimes wearing multiple hats means adapting to an ever-changing balance – not always a perfect one but definitely moving forward!

You feeling inspired yet? Whether it’s twirling on stage or leading workshops that touch lives – Danielle’s rocking it! Could this be your cue to rethink your workday too?

Understanding the Revenue Model

Industry Overview

The individual in question operates within the wellness and corporate team-building industry. This sector encompasses a vast array of services designed to improve employee well-being and enhance teamwork.

Key Activities

  • Offering wellness workshops and team-building events.
  • Planning and executing corporate retreats.
  • Creative content development for educational sessions.

Revenue Streams

Main income sources include:

  1. Fees from hosting live workshops and events, both virtually and in-person.
  2. Income from contract-based engagements with corporations for team-building activities.
  3. Sale of online course content or educational material related to personal wellness or business productivity.

Estimating Initial Investment

The preliminary investment to bootstrap a similar enterprise would need to cover these key areas:


  • Professional Training & Certification:


    • To establish credibility, one should consider costs associated with obtaining relevant qualifications in corporate wellness or team-building instruction. This could span from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the chosen curriculum.


  • Equipment & Technology:


    • A variety of tools may be required, ranging from basic office supplies and workshop materials to more sophisticated tech setups for virtual presentations (e.g., computer, camera, microphone). Estimated costs are between $1,000-$5,000.


  • Marketing & Brand Development:


    • Funds would need allocation towards branding materials such as a website creation, social media campaigns etc. Expect an outlay of $500-$2,000 initially.


  • Licensing & Insurance:


    • A budget must be allocated for any necessary business licenses or insurance policies. Costs vary by location but could start at around $500.


  • Rentals & Venue Bookings:


    In cases where physical space is needed for workshops or retreats, funds should be allocated accordingly; this can vastly range depending on frequency of events and chosen venues.

A ballpark figure for starting such an endeavor might oscillate between $5,000-$10,000 considering all the above aspects along with some buffer for unforeseen costs that may arise during initial operations.

Tips for Success

“No experience is wasted,” says our focus entrepreneur. To translate this philosophy into your adventure into the industry:

  • Prioritize flexibility in your service offerings.
  • Maintain a network that enables organic growth through word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Tailor your approach based on current market trends—virtual during remote-work booms; hybrid as offices reopen.
  • Patiently accept ebbs and flows in workload while keeping sight of long-term goals like retirement planning or full-time commitment shifts.

Essential Tools for a Side Hustle in Corporate Wellness and Arts

Starting a side hustle can be as thrilling as it is challenging. Let’s get down to brass tacks and chat about the tools you’ll need to juggle gigs like our friend Danielle from the article.

Digital Communication Platforms

  • Email Service: Vital for catching up on work, communicating with clients, and networking.
  • Video Conferencing Software: For those who can’t shake hands in person – virtual team-building events depend on this.

Scheduling & Management Tools

  • Calendar Apps: Sync your dance rehearsals with corporate sessions without breaking a sweat (or double-booking).
  • Project Management Software: Keep tabs on event planning, from terrarium workshops to corporate retreats.

Content Creation & Delivery Software

  • Presentation Software: Crafting and delivering educational content that resonates is key.
  • Graphic Design Tools: For making those glossy brochures or social media posts pop.

Educational Resources & Equipment

“Knowledge is your ticket!

If you’re teaching anything – be it yoga or relaxation techniques – you’ve got to know your stuff. Have access to resources that keep your skills sharp. Additionally, some physical equipment might be necessary depending on the gig – yoga mats for wellness classes or crafting supplies for creative sessions may be required.

The Infrastructure:

A robust internet connection stands out as non-negotiable. It’s like the stage floor for a dancer – it needs to hold you steady while you leap from one task to another.
Don’t forget transportation if in-person attendance shakes its fist on the table demanding attention. You’ll need reliable wheels or at least a solid public transport game plan.
For remote work warriors, don’t overlook setting up an inviting home office. A comfortable chair might just become your best friend during those long hours of meticulous planning.

In essence, carving out success means gearing up right and staying nimble – much like executing a perfect pirouette while scheduling client meetings!

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