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Corey Schneider Turns New York Curiosity Into A $1 Million Adventure With Unique Local Tours

Ever found yourself kinda stuck in the daily grind, feeling like there’s got to be more out there? Well, Corey William Schneider totally gets you. This guy was living that classic New York hustle, working in marketing (which was a snooze-fest for him) and hitting up the same old spots with his crew.

But deep down?

He craved something more.

One day he’s like, “I’m in the most amazing city on Earth and I know zilch about it!” So he made a pact with himself: every weekend, it was time to explore some new corner of NYC. Even when his buddies bailed on checking out off-the-beaten-path places (like Flushing at the crack of dawn), Corey wasn’t deterred.

Fast forward from 2013, when he created an online group for fellow adventurers and threw together his first event—talk about nerves!

He thought only a handful would show up but bam! A hundred people wanted in. Before long, New York Adventure Club was born—Corey’s brainchild that skyrocketed to over $1 million in 2022! Imagine going from casual meet-ups to running a full-blown tourism biz catered toward locals looking for those hidden gems of their own city.

As CEO and founder, Corey’s rocking events non-stop—virtual webinars about NYC’s Gilded Age history or secret food crawls through Chinatown. And here’s why it’s cool: while other tour groups target those first-time visitors taking selfies at Times Square, New York Adventure Club is all about giving locals an insider look at their own backyard.

Let me tell you—running over 20 events weekly ain’t no walk in Central Park. But Corey manages with just himself and a virtual assistant (plus a network of awesome vendors).

Wanna know his secrets?

For starters: Be passionate. If you love what you do as much as he loves NYC history, you’re golden.

And get organized! Partnering with platforms like Eventbrite can seriously ease that load so you can focus on creating killer experiences instead of sweating over logistics.

So if you’ve been itching to switch things up or dive deep into your city’s rich tapestry like Corey did with New York Adventure Club—if this guy can do it while maintaining that vibrant local spirit, who says you can’t find your own adventure too?

How It Works: Setting Up Your Local Adventure Club

Step 1: Identify Your Niche

Discover your passion: Focus on what excites you about your city. Is it the hidden gastronomic delights, the historical architecture, or the cultural vibrancy? This will be your unique selling point.

Step 2: Research and Development

Create compelling experiences: Seek out under-the-radar spots and design itineraries that would intrigue locals. Think beyond the obvious tourist attractions to offer a fresh perspective.

Step 3: Building Your Platform

  • Create an online presence: Use social media to gather a community of like-minded individuals. A Facebook group could be a good starting place.
  • Leverage ticketing platforms: Platforms like Eventbrite are useful for event management and ticket sales, which simplifies logistics significantly.

Step 4: Launching Events

Inaugurate with an event that caters to your target audience’s interests and advertise it within your community. Be ready for a larger turnout than anticipated!

Step 5: Operations & Management

  • Maintain quality control: Always curate events that you would attend yourself, keeping quality at the forefront.
  • Simplify logistics: Utilize third-party services to manage event intricacies seamlessly from promotion to execution.
  • User interaction: Engage with participants pre- and post-event to foster a loyal customer base through feedback and regular communication.

Step 6: Scaling Up

If demand surges, consider transitioning from a side project to full-time commitment. Expand your team prudently, hiring virtual assistants or contracting vendors as needed for scalability while maintaining service excellence.

Roadmap To Revenue Generation

  • Sell tickets for each event via an easy-to-use platform such as Eventbrite..


  • Financial Flexibility: This business model can lead to a significant revenue stream, offering financial growth and independence as seen in the case studies crossing the million-dollar mark.
  • Lifestyle Autonomy: Engaging in this opportunity allows individuals to align their career with their personal interests and passions, enabling a more fulfilling work-life synergy.
  • Community Building: Creating events attracts like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and connection among those with shared hobbies or interests.
  • Market Niche Specialization: By focusing on unique offerings that cater to specific local clientele rather than general tourists, such ventures carve out their own niche in the market for a more targeted reach.
  • Ease of Scalability: Utilizing online platforms for event management can simplify scaling up operations without exponentially increasing workload, as online tools streamline logistics and promotion.


  • Financial Risks: Starting any venture often involves upfront costs without a guaranteed return, making it a risky financial move.
  • Lifestyle Impact: Dedicating oneself to a new business can be time-consuming and may disrupt work-life balance.
  • Scalability Challenges: Growing a business requires additional resources and can be difficult to manage, especially for solo entrepreneurs.
  • Competition and Market Saturation: Entering an already crowded market can make it hard to stand out and attract customers.
  • Maintenance of Quality: As businesses expand, ensuring the same level of quality and customer experience can become increasingly complex.

Income Generation Platforms Utilized by Corey William Schneider

Ever wondered how some folks turn a simple idea into a profitable venture? Let’s talk about Corey’s brainchild and the platforms that he’s rocked to generate income. You might get inspired, who knows?


  • Direct Income Generation: Yes, absolutely!
  • Context: This platform was a game-changer for Corey when he started selling tickets online for his New York Adventure Club events. It’s where his seed of an idea blossomed into a full-fledged business that hit over $1 million in revenue in 2022.

Seriously, imagine going from panic at the thought of eating the cost of van tickets to grossing a million bucks? With Eventbrite, Corey not only promoted his unique NYC tours but also managed ticket sales like a pro. And guess what? It looks like Eventbrite was more than just a ticket booth; it was also a learning hub with resources that helped him keep his event game strong.

A Closer Look at How Eventbrite Fuels Growth

You’re probably curious now. How exactly did Corey harness this platform?

  • Ticket Sales: Offering over 20 events weekly, from secret eat crawls to art loft tours.
  • Promotion: Reaching out to locals eager to explore the hidden gems of their own city.
  • Educational Resources: Through Eventbrite’s creator collective, our man even penned down some wisdom on staying organized with limited manpower.

The takeaway here? A passionate idea, when paired with the right platform and some savvy organizing tips straight from those who’ve walked the walk, can really take off!

Understanding the Revenue Model and Industry

A niche tourism company capitalizes on locals’ desire to explore deeper beneath the surface of their own city. The revenue model primarily consists of:

  • Ticket Sales: Income through selling tickets for unique local tours and experiences.
  • Virtual Events: Remote webinars and virtual tour offerings.
  • Puzzle Tours & Social Events: Engaging audiences with interactive activities.

The business operates within the tourism industry, specifically catering to residents as opposed to first-time visitors. It distinguishes itself by offering exclusive insights into less known, yet culturally rich, areas of the city.

Key Activities for Success

Critical actions driving the venture’s success include:

  • Detailed Organization: Managing extensive event logistics efficiently.
  • Leveraging Online Platforms: Utilizing event management tools such as Eventbrite for promotion and ticketing.
  • Focused Niche Marketing: Emphasizing specialized experiences for locals over general tourist attractions.

Evaluating Initial Investment Requirements

To initiate a similar business venture, an individual would need to make calculated investments in several areas.

These include but are not limited to:

  • R&D/Market Analysis: Analyze market demand and design engaging itineraries tailored to local interests.
  • Venue & Vendor Relationships: Negotiate contracts with venues or private vendors for events or tours.
  • Digital Infrastructure: Create a website, invest in online ticketing systems, and set up promotional channels like social media or email marketing tools.
  • Staffing Costs: Hiring guides or a virtual assistant may be necessary depending on scale.

The magnitude of initial investment can vary greatly depending on factors like locality, scale of operations, or specificity of events offered. One must judiciously weigh variables such as marketing expenses against expected revenue from ticket sales before launching full-scale operations. Moreover, securing partnerships with third-party platforms can defray some upfront costs while facilitating smoother logistical handling as the business grows larger than its initial scope.

Essential Tools for Starting a Tourism Business

Digital Infrastructure

  • Event Management Platform: Utilize platforms like Eventbrite for ticket sales, event promotion, and attendee management.
  • Social Media Networks: Create and engage with a community on platforms such as Facebook to reach potential customers.
  • Online Search Engines: Use tools like Google for research and problem-solving in daily business operations.

Bespoke Services

  • Tour Planning Resources: Sources of information about unique local spots are vital to craft interesting itineraries.
  • Educational Platforms: Access to educational content that can aid in event organizing and team coordination could be beneficial.

Operational Management

  • Creative Personnel: Employing individuals or contracting vendors who can provide intriguing content for tours and events.
  • Communication Tools: Efficient communication channels are essential, possibly implicating the use of virtual assistant services or collaborative online tools.

Miscellaneous Essentials

In addition to the above tools, the article implies the importance of personal traits such as passion and organizational skills. A knack for historical knowledge seems advantageous too. While not tangible tools, they certainly play a significant role in this venture’s success story. It’s also hinted that transportation arrangements might be part of the operational workflows when physical tours are involved, meaning access to transport booking services or partnerships with transport providers might be necessary.

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