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Bernadette Joy turns a $300,000 debt into $279,000 in earnings by coaching financial freedom with a 20-hour work week.

Bernadette Joy, a former business owner from Charlotte, North Carolina, reinvented her career to achieve the dream work-life balance she’s always desired. Let’s dive into how she did it.

A Shift from Bustle to Balance

Joy was once immersed in the hustle of running Dressed, a bridal business, but it wasn’t hitting the right notes for her happiness. Something had to give.

Fast forward, and she’s now rocking the financial world with Crush Your Money Goals, a biz inspired by her own dance with debt—a whopping $300K banished!

Educational Roots and Financial Fruits

  • Boston University: Where psychology and business theory met.
  • MBA from UNC Chapel Hill: A cherry on top that refined her expertise.
  • $279,000 in earnings last year: Hard proof that you can have your cake and eat it too.

A Work Schedule That Dreams Are Made Of

You know how you daydream about three-day workweeks? Well, Joy’s living that dream – working intensely from Monday through Wednesday with ample time left for zzzs, globe-trotting, and hip-hop grooves!

The “Hyper-Efficient” Strategy

Gotta love someone who admits they’re ‘incredibly lazy,’ right? But don’t be fooled – Bernadette is all about working smarter. She’s crafted an ultra-focused 20-hour work week where multitasking is a no-go zone. This means deeper dives in longer sessions sparing her precious mental energy.

The Less-Is-More Movement: Not Just for Money Coaches

This isn’t just some fancy fad.
Sports company Exos: Embraced ‘strategic recovery’ days.
Congress buzz: A nose around Bernie Sanders’ proposed 32-hour week bill.
Even Mark Cuban weighs in: It’s not about money; it’s about owning your time.

Sowing Seeds of Efficiency in Finance and Beyond

Joy embeds this minimalist mantra into her program curriculum because being busy isn’t synonymous with success. She wants you to think differently about money and time—because sometimes less really is more.

How It Works: Launching a Hyper-Efficient Money Coaching Business

Initial Steps to Freedom

  • Find Your Inspiration: Seek a career path that allows for work-life balance. Embrace efficiency over long hours.
  • Utilize Past Experience: Leverage personal journeys such as overcoming debt to provide authentic insights.
  • Educational Foundation: Apply knowledge from degrees and professional qualifications to bolster your expertise.

The Business Model Blueprint

Achieving harmony between work, play, and rest is the cornerstone of this business model. Here’s how it operates:

  • Schedule Optimization: Condense working hours into fewer days to open up personal time for rest and activities you love.
  • Economy of Effort: Reject multitasking in favor of focused client sessions that are longer but less frequent, conserving energy and enhancing productivity.

Ongoing Operations: Daily Practices

  • Maintain Intensity: Ensure that shortened work hours contain concentrated effort for maximum effectivity within a confined timeframe.
  • Cultivate Simplicity: Embrace a less-is-more philosophy across business practices, focusing on what brings the greatest value with minimal complication.

Growth Mindset: Earning While Teaching

Create an environment where both financial freedom and time sovereignty are attainable goals through coaching others in skillful money management. Remember, it’s not about being busy; it’s about being productive in the time you allocate to your venture.


    • Financial Autonomy: Engaging in this business model can lead to significant income, as exemplified by Joy’s earnings of $279,000 in a single year. This showcases the potential for substantial financial rewards.
    • Lifestyle Flexibility: With a schedule that spans only Mondays to Wednesdays, individuals can embrace a work-life balance that allows for hobbies and travels, illustrating a flexible lifestyle benefit.
    • Efficiency in Work: By allocating intense focus during work hours and resting thereafter, one can achieve a ‘hyper-efficient’ work mode. This method promotes productivity without compromising personal time.
  • Mental Health Consideration: Through practices like taking strategic recovery days or avoiding multitasking, this approach supports mental well-being by reducing fatigue and stress.
  • <S<strongcalability:This opportunity doesn’t correlate success with being constantly busy. Instead, it emphasizes smart work over hard work. This scalable mindset can lead to business growth without the need for excessive working hours.


  • Financial Commitment: Starting a business, like the dress rental one mentioned, often requires a significant financial investment. This can include costs for inventory, marketing, and operations which may not guarantee immediate returns.
  • Time Constraints: As businesses expand, the time demanded typically increases. This was true for Bernadette Joy’s initial venture, which eventually led to her feeling unfulfilled due to the excessive hours she had to put in.
  • Mental Fatigue: Managing multiple clients or businesses can lead to mental exhaustion. Bernadette Joy mentioned feeling mentally fatigued when having to switch between different consulting businesses.
  • Lifestyle Sacrifices: Entrepreneurs often sacrifice personal time and activities for their business commitments. Although Joy transitioned to a money-coaching business that allows her more free time now, this isn’t always the case with every entrepreneurial pursuit.
  • Efficiency Pressure: Aiming for hyper-efficiency as Bernadette does—working intensely for short periods—might not align with everyone’s working style and could pressure some individuals into an unsustainable work rhythm.

Income Generation Platforms Used by Bernadette Joy

Ever wonder how some people manage to work less and still make a pretty penny? Let’s talk about Bernadette Joy. She’s got it down to an art, and I mean, who wouldn’t want that life?

Main Platform: Crush Your Money Goals

  • Podcast Turned Business: Ever listened to her podcast on paying off debt? Yep, that’s the one! She spun that into her very own money-coaching business. Pretty smart move!
  • Leveraging Personal Experience: We’re talking real-life experience with a whopping $300K debt clearance. Plus, she has a solid educational background in psychology and business to back it up.
  • <Earnings: And let me tell you, it paid off. She banked a cool $279,000 last year from this hustle alone!

Your side hustle doesn’t always have to be about grinding 24/7. Sometimes it’s about working smarter. Bernadette Joy is living proof of this philosophy.

The Way She Works: Hyper-Efficiency

Bernadette works a solid 20 hours each week – no more, no less. It’s all about being “hyper-efficient.” Remember cramming for exams? Kind of like that but without the last-minute panic.

Bernadette also avoids multitasking like it’s the plague – focusing intensely for scheduled bursts instead of spreading herself too thin. Can you imagine giving your all for just 20 hours and then having the rest of the week to kick back? Dreamy!

If you think working less means accomplishing less, Bernadette Joy’s story might just make you reconsider that notion.

Revenue Model and Industry Insights

Individuals venturing into the money-coaching industry, much like the subject of our focus, operate within a niche that blends financial advisory with personal development. Their revenue is typically generated through one-on-one coaching sessions, digital courses, workshops, and sometimes book sales or speaking engagements.

Key Activities

  • Crafting personalized financial plans.
  • Engaging in continuous professional development to stay abreast of market trends.
  • Marketing services through various online platforms.
  • Creating content for podcasts or webinars to build authority in the sector.

Initial Investment Estimation

The initial investment for such a venture may vary. However, here’s an approximate breakdown:

  • Educational Expenses:
      • Degree or certifications in finance/psychology/business: $10,000 – $100,000*
  • Business Set-up Costs:

A conservative estimate for starting from scratch might be:

… *Costs can vary greatly according to specific circumstances.

Description Cost (approx.)
Websit Domain & Hosting (Annual) $50 – $300*
Websit Design / Setup $500 – $5,000*
Branding Materials $250 – $2,000*
Maketing Budget $500 – $5,000*

Essential Tools and Services for Money Coaching

Digital Communication Platforms

Staying connected with clients is vital. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Video conferencing software: to conduct remote sessions.
  • Email service: for communication and marketing.
  • Messaging apps: for quick, informal interactions.

Scheduling and Productivity Tools

To manage your time like a pro, consider these tools:

  • Scheduling software: for booking sessions without the back-and-forth.
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