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Antoine Echavidre nets $1,600 sharing his passion for pickleball through flexible coaching sessions on TeachMe.To

Imagine juggling the hustle of parenting with a side gig that sparks joy and brings in some extra cash. That’s exactly what Antoine Echavidre, a stay-at-home dad, does every day. His routine is packed with making breakfast, school runs, and tucking his kids in with their favorite bedtime stories.

Finding Passion Amidst Pandemic: The Pickleball Journey

“People were so happy to teach me the basics,” recalls Antoine about how he stumbled upon pickleball during the pandemic. It wasn’t long before he was hooked, and his newfound passion led him to share his skills with others.

Growing With TeachMe.To

  • Began teaching pickleball in late 2023 on TeachMe.To.
  • Conducts one or two lessons on teaching days, typically lasting an hour or more.
  • Finds personal balance as children grow older – time for more than just parenting duties.

The Financial Perks of Side Hustling for Stay-at-Home Parents

Ted Rossman from Bankrate highlights that part-time gigs can be a boon for relationship-building and skill enhancement. For parents like Antoine looking to rejoin full-time employment later, this approach can be impactful:

“I think it can be a near-term income source, but can also broaden your skills and contacts for the longer term,” says Rossman.

Last year alone, Antoine raked in around $1,600 through TeachMe.To. This year? The numbers are still climbing!

“It’s a game changer,” admits an elated Echavidre. He smiles at the financial independence that has enabled family trips without relying on his wife’s wallet.

Fitting Work Around Parenthood: A Balancing Act!

You might wonder how stay-at-home parents find work that fits around their rigorous child-rearing schedules? Here’s what our expert Rossman suggests:

  • Leverage quiet moments when kids are asleep or occupied.
  • Mingle with new connections through projects or boost your resume by adding diverse experiences.

Echavidre encourages parents to turn passions into profitable ventures without requiring massive time commitments. From dancing to cooking – if it excites you, why not monetize it?

Social Media: A Gateway to Side Hustles?

An ad on social media was all it took for Echavidre to dive into pickleball teaching online. Meanwhile, Rossman advises tapping into old work networks while staying vigilant against scams seeking upfront purchases or high overhead costs.

A New Leaf: From Salesmanship to Sports Coaching

Moving from France to support his wife’s career in 2016 marked a transition for Echavidre – from corporate life to full-time fatherhood pre-pandemic. Despite prior success as a salesman back home, he couldn’t fathom returning to the typical office grind after discovering contentment in coaching pickleball amid parental duties.

The rise of pickleball’s popularity isn’t just hearsay—figures indicate an impressive surge of over 50% participation between 2022 and 2023 according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s Topline Participation Report suggesting about13.6 million US players last year alone!Naturally this boom creates demand; demand creates opportunity—precisely what Echavidre cashes upon through specialized lessons geared towards beginners and enthusiasts alike who wish to improve their game.

How It Works: Starting a Side Hustle Teaching Pickleball

Step 1: Discovering Your Passion

Identify an activity that ignites your enthusiasm. For Antoine Echavidre, it was playing pickleball during the pandemic and sharing his skills with others.

Step 2: Finding the Right Platform

Choose a platform such as TeachMe.To that connects learners with instructors. Fill out an online form to sign up for giving lessons on subjects you’re passionate about.

Step 3: Setting Your Schedule

Establish a teaching timetable that fits around your responsibilities, like family commitments. Echavidre teaches one to two lessons on selected days, each lasting between one to one and a half hours.

Step 4: Market Demand Research

Analyze local interest in your chosen subject. Echavidre capitalized on the increasing popularity of pickleball in his community.

Step 5: Managing Finances

Earn supplemental income while balancing life at home. Use earnings for personal benefits, like funding family trips or gaining financial independence.

Tips for Success:

  • Mix Work with Pleasure: If you enjoy what you do, it won’t feel like work.
  • Leverage Social Media: Use platforms to advertise your services and connect with potential clients.
  • Cautiously Expand Networks: Seek opportunities through friends and former colleagues but beware of scams or roles requiring significant overheads.
  • Gauge Commitment: Start small to avoid any financial loss from overcommitment or upfront investments.


  • Flexibility: This opportunity offers the benefit of working around personal schedules, making it ideal for stay-at-home parents with variable commitments.
  • Financial Independence: Engaging in this form of work can lead to earning supplemental income, which empowers individuals to be more self-reliant and less financially dependent on others.
  • Passion-Driven Earnings: Turning a hobby or interest into a source of income is both fulfilling and enjoyable, avoiding the feeling of traditional ‘work.’
  • Skill Development & Networking: Participating in this business opportunity allows for continuous learning and expansion of one’s professional network, which could be advantageous for future career moves.
  • Demand-Based Opportunity: Choosing an activity that’s currently in demand, like teaching pickleball as cited in the article, increases the potential for consistent client traffic and revenue growth.


  • Financial Constraints: Start-up costs and ongoing expenses may deter some from pursuing a side hustle in teaching or coaching. The need for initial investments like equipment or marketing can be a barrier.
  • Time Management Challenges: Balancing the responsibilities of a stay-at-home parent with the demands of a side gig can be tricky, often requiring meticulous scheduling and prioritization.
  • Limited Scalability: Given the time constraints associated with parenting duties, there’s a cap to how much one can expand their side business without additional help or compromising family time.
  • Potential Market Saturation: As more people jump on lucrative opportunities, there’s a chance that the market may become oversaturated, making it harder to stand out and attract clients.
  • Fraud Risks: The pursuit of remote work opportunities comes with the risk of encountering scams, which can lead to financial losses and wasted effort instead of income generation.

Making Money Through Teaching Pickleball

Hey friend, let’s talk about Antoine Echavidre, a stay-at-home parent who’s got the knack for turning pickleball into cash. You might be wondering, “Can you actually make money teaching a sport?” The answer is a resounding yes!

Earnings from TeachMe.To

  • Taught pickleball lessons – Antoine started sharing his love for the game by teaching others through TeachMe.To.
  • Scheduling around family time – He cleverly fits in sessions between his dad-duties.
  • Made $1,600 last year, and this year? A few grand already!
  • Says it’s a game-changer – no more asking the wife for cash.

You know what’s cool? Antoine found a way to balance life and still get that coin—without missing out on family moments or bedtime stories. Plus, he got to explore Japan with his son thanks to the extra earnings!

The Side Hustle Sweet Spot

If you’re at home juggling kids like circus props and thinking, “Could I do something like this?” Absolutely! Just look at Antoine:

  • Finds clients who want to learn or improve at pickleball.
  • Chooses work that sparks joy so it doesn’t even feel like work. Smart move!
  • Gives folks a chance to try their hand at something new while padding their wallet.

If your story is anything like Antoine’s and you’ve discovered your own side hustle success, hit up and share the scoop!

Getting Started with a Side Gig in the Industry

Understanding the Revenue Model

The individual in question is generating income through teaching an in-demand sport, a model that can be applied across various activities. This revenue is derived from providing lessons on a flexible schedule, accommodating another primary responsibility.

  • Appointment-based income: Earnings are accrued by setting appointments for lessons.
  • Scalable opportunities: This model allows for increased income based on demand and availability.
  • Diverse clientele: Lessons cater to different age groups and skill levels.

The Industry Niche

The sports and recreational coaching industry is burgeoning, with particular growth seen in niche, community-driven sports. Staying abreast of trends enables capitalization on growing pastimes like pickleball. Success hinges on identifying gaps within local markets.

Key Activities for Startup Success

  1. Certification or Training: Gaining expertise and potentially necessary certifications in the chosen activity.
  2. Digital Outreach: Utilizing social platforms for marketing and client acquisition.
  3. Networking: Building relationships with potential clients or partners within the community.

Essential Tools for a Successful Side Hustle

Digital Platforms

  • Lesson Platforms: Websites for connecting instructors with students (e.g., TeachMe.To)
  • Social Media: Networks for advertising services and connecting with potential clients

Communication Tools

  • Email: For client outreach and coordination
  • Messaging Apps: For quick communication and scheduling with clients

Payment Processing Services

  • Digital Wallets: To receive payments from clients (e.g., PayPal, Venmo)
  • Invoicing Software: To bill clients professionally and manage finances (e.g., QuickBooks)

Educational Materials & Gear

To engage in teaching a sport like pickleball, specific gear is essential.

    • Sport Equipment: Quality pickleball paddles, balls, and nets for lessons.
    • Tutorial Guides: Instructional materials to assist in teaching the sport effectively.

Scheduling Software

To balance personal responsibilities with side work, a robust scheduling tool is key.

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