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Andreea Matei's Amazon Reviews Rake in $21,700 in 8 Months with a Few Hours' Work per Week

Discovering the Gold Mine

Remember the excitement when Andreea Matei banked her first earnings from Amazon? Yep, we’re talking about that sweet $1.28 cheer moment. Just by sharing a short video review of electrolyte powder via the Amazon Influencer Program, she sparked a cash flow that just keeps on giving.

“Once you create videos, it’s totally passive,” says Matei, who’s all about working smart and earning effortlessly. She now boasts an impressive $21,700 in just eight months—that’s about $2,700 monthly!

A Glimpse into Her Weekly Routine

  • Filming and editing almost 1000 reviews from her cozy Fort Collins abode.
  • A mere three hours weekly dedicated to this side hustle.
  • Raking in passive income while juggling her full-time media consulting job at Launch Grow Joy.

The Philosophy of Success

You might wonder, what’s her secret? Well…

“Find an audience, listen to what it wants and deliver.”

Matei’s Multipronged Approach to Income

Beyond Amazon reviews, she sprinkles her magic over:

  • A podcast and YouTube channel.
  • A health content website.
  • All primarily monetized through ads or affiliate marketing links.

Tapping into the “World’s Easiest Side Hustle”, she maximized her substantial social following—over 12k on Facebook—to get accepted into Amazon’s lucrative program. And hey, who wouldn’t love growing their daily earnings from $1.28 to $100+ just like that?

Crafting Her Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Pro Tips:

“Stockpile” videos for continuous income even during breaks.

Smart Review Choices:

    Begin with household items; later shift to products sent by sellers.

Earnings & Investment: From purchasing a treadmill to reviewing it and earning back its cost—Matei knows how to circulate money wisely.

Variability & Vision for the Future

While acknowledgments must be paid toward fluctuating incomes (thanks or no thanks to Amazon algorithms), Matei stays optimistic but cautious—not all eggs in one basket! Her eyes are on the prize—a six-figure sum woven into her projected earnings tapestry.

You’ve got this rundown now; think you’d like to try your hand at creating a revenue stream as cool as Andie’s? Remember though—the key ingredients include dedication, savviness with social media presence, and maybe even a little bit of luck with those algorithm gods!

How It Works: Earn Income with the Amazon Influencer Program

Step 1: Establish Your Social Media Presence

To kick things off, you’ll need a solid following on social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. The numbers matter here – aim for a large audience that engages with your content regularly.

Step 2: Apply to the Amazon Influencer Program

With your digital tribe in tow, shoot your shot and apply to the Amazon Influencer Program. Having a significant number of followers can up your odds of getting accepted!

Step 3: Create Engaging Content

  • Find Your Groove: Begin with items at hand or explore products that stir curiosity among your audience. What makes ’em tick? That’s what you’ll showcase.
  • Crafting Your Review: Shoot a short video—think snappy and insightful. Give them the skinny on why this product is worth their dime (or not). Time is money; keep it under 20 minutes from start to upload.

Step 4: Publish and Promote

Your masterpiece is ready for the spotlight. Post it! A nifty trick – schedule content so there’s always something fresh even when you’re off doing life.

Daily Operations
  1. Maintain Consistency: Whether it’s two products or ten you’re reviewing daily, stick to a rhythm that doesn’t clash with your main hustle.
  2. Mix & Match: Go down memory lane or embrace new goodies from sellers. Diversity keeps viewers—and algorithms—hooked.
  3. An Eye on Payouts:Your cash flow might rollercoaster due to algorithm updates, but keep at it!
  4. Beyond Reviews:Sometimes, adding personal anecdotes or sharing how a certain product fits into your world can work wonders for engagement and sales.

The Golden Rule: Listen and Deliver!</h3

This isn’t just about racking up views; it’s about filling a need. Hear out your audience and serve up content that they crave – this will be your key to turning views into dollars. Remember, not all days will be rainbows; some days might just bring in enough dough for coffee rather than caviar! But stick with it – if our friend Andreea could turn her side gig into potential six-figure territory while dodging job burnout, who knows what heights you’ll reach?


  • Financial Benefits: The Amazon Influencer Program provides a commission-based income with the potential for high earnings. As seen in Matei’s example, one can earn an average of $2,700 per month after putting in initial effort.
  • Lifestyle Advantages: This side hustle offers flexibility, as it can be done at any time and from anywhere. Matei illustrates this by managing to earn money even when she is not actively working on videos.
  • Passive Income Potential: Once the content is created and uploaded, earnings can occur passively without constant hands-on involvement, allowing continuous income flow as highlighted by Matei’s experience.
  • Scalability: The opportunity allows for scalability; one could start reviewing readily available products and gradually move on to receiving free items from sellers, aiming for higher profits as your audience grows.
  • Diversification of Income Streams: This business model can complement other income-generating activities such as podcasts or affiliate marketing links, serving as another financial pillar that mitigates overall risk.


    • Limited Scalability: While Andreea Matei found success, it’s noted that income can vary based on Amazon’s algorithm changes. This suggests scalability might be constrained by external factors beyond one’s control.
    • Time Investment: Matei spends up to three hours per week creating content, which is a significant amount of time for a side hustle. Therefore, the opportunity cost must be considered.
    • Dependency on Social Following: A “meaningful social media following” is required for program acceptance, indicating that not everyone may have the prerequisite platform to capitalize on this model.
    • Earnings Volatility: The payouts aren’t consistent, as highlighted by the fluctuation in Matei’s earnings. This unpredictability could be financially challenging for those who rely on steady income.
    • Risk of Burnout: Despite it being passive at times, there’s still a need to constantly create new content to maintain and grow earnings. This can lead to burnout, especially when juggling with other responsibilities or jobs.

Income-Generating Platforms Used by Andreea Matei

Ever wonder how folks are turning their creativity into cash? Andreea Matei, a side hustle guru, has the scoop. Let’s dive into the platforms she uses to generate income:

Amazon Influencer Program

  • Main Income Source: Directly earns money through commissions from product reviews.
  • Posting Strategy: Nearly 1,000 video reviews contributed to earning an impressive $21,700 in eight months.
  • The Passive Income Perk: Videos continue to rake in earnings even when she’s not actively working on new content.

Launch Grow Joy

  • A Full-time Affair: This is her main gig – a media consulting site where she coaches on business and side hustle growth.

Other Side Hustles Include:

  • A podcast and YouTube channel.
  • A health content website.

All of these platforms leverage ads or affiliate marketing for monetization. Though none match the income from Amazon… yet!

Fancy giving it a go? Remember, you’ll need a decent social media following. Also, payouts can swing wildly with Amazon’s algorithm changes. But hey, if Andreea can score a treadmill and make her money back with one review, imagine what’s possible for you!

Note: Success on these platforms may vary based on factors including audience size and engagement.

Starting a Side Hustle: Understanding the Revenue Model and Initial Investment

Creating a successful side hustle can be an intriguing endeavor. Let’s break down how one can monetize their efforts, explore the industry landscape, and estimate the initial investment required.

Revenue Model

The primary revenue model revolves around affiliate marketing and advertising. Through platforms like Amazon Influencer Program, individuals can earn commissions by posting product reviews that drive sales.


This approach is entrenched in the digital media and e-commerce industries. By leveraging social media presence, participants engage with potential buyers through video content.

Key Activities

  • Create engaging video reviews: Film and edit short videos reviewing products.
  • Develop a social media following: Build a substantial audience across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Engage with followers: Maintain interaction to keep your audience interested and increase viewership rates.
  • Aggressively post content: Regularly upload new reviews to maintain visibility.

Initial Investment Estimate

The initial investment involves both time and financial resources:

    • Cameras/Smartphones:

$300-$1000 depending on quality.

    • Edit software:

$20-$50 monthly subscriptions for professional editing tools or use free versions for basic needs.

    • Laptop/PC:

$500-$1500 for efficient video processing abilities.

    • Add-on Equipment (Optional): Lighting, microphones, tripods:

$100-$300 total if necessary to improve production quality.

Total estimated range: $920 – $2850. Consider these figures as flexible based on specific needs or existing equipment availability. The major part of this venture’s success depends on consistency in creating high-quality content to engage audiences effectively!

Tools and Services for a Successful Money-Making Venture

Essential Platforms

  • Amazon Influencer Program: A platform for earning commissions through product reviews.
  • YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook: Social media platforms needed to build a substantial following.

Software and Applications

  • Video Editing Software: Tools like Adobe Premiere or iMovie for editing review videos.
  • Voiceover Software: Applications such as Audacity for recording voiceovers.

Hardware Requirements

  • Camera/Smartphone: Essential for filming high-quality review videos.
  • Treadmill (optional): As mentioned in some reviews, could imply health-related products reviewed from personal use.

Add-ons and Enhancements

  • Laptop/Desktop: For video editing and managing online presence.
  • Mics/Audio Equipment: For clear voiceovers in video reviews.

Additionals for Growth and Scalability

  • Email Marketing Tools: To reach out to followers and expand the audience base swiftly.
  • Media Consulting: Services like those offered by businesses such as Launch Grow Joy to help steer growth strategies.
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