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Ana Julia's Creative Gift Guru Blog Soars to $3,000 Monthly Sharing Unique Gifting Ideas on The Check Stand

Meet Ana Julia: Berlin’s Prop Master and Gift Guru

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a life filled with the glitz of movie sets and the personal triumph of navigating between projects – that’s Ana Julia, a savvy 37-year-old prop master in Berlin. Born in Cuba, raised in Miami, and NYC-educated in film, she’s spent 12 years crafting realities for the big screen.

The Film Industry Hustle

Ever heard of John Wick or Jessica Jones? Yep, Ana’s hands have graced their sets. It’s far from your typical 9-to-5 gig – think three months here, nine there, then maybe radio silence. You get the drift; it’s patchy. So what do you do when the sets go dark? Side hustle like there’s no tomorrow:

  • Carpentry? Check.
  • DJing? Sure.
  • A hot sauce brand? Why not!

Ana chose to share her gifting wisdom on her blog, The Check Stand, and dipped into freelance work – because versatility is key!

Diving Into Design and Monetization

Plot twist: The writer’s strike hit last May; long story short, it lasted until September! Fast forward to February 2023: her last project wraps up and… crickets. Here’s where it gets interesting – Ana has graphic design chops! She ventured onto Fiverr and Upwork, adding thumbnails and animated visuals to her repertoire.

Owning up to not knowing web design didn’t stop her either – she learned on the job. And honestly?

  • You don’t need serious coding skills for a solid website these days – shout out to WordPress!

Blogging about gifts was next-level when monetization came into play

Gifting Made Easy: The Check Stand Blog

  • A gift guru? Absolutely! Ana turns daily inspirations into gift ideas that resonate with real life scenarios.
  • Affiliate links galore, because why not make some dough if you’re pointing folks toward cool stuff?
  • No overnight success, but by mingling within online communities (and avoiding being pushy), traffic picked up.

Raking In Revenue Through Resourcefulness

“I publish three posts weekly,” she mentions while sharing insights into her routine filled with ample research and social media charm. With an average monthly earning between $2K-$3K (and more during holidays), who wouldn’t take notes?

The Dark Side of Traffic Generation?

She’ll let you in on a secret– controversy sells. Ever thought about passive-aggressive gifts for that coworker who grinds your gears? It’s provocative; it gets people talking but isn’t Ana’s favorite strategy because authenticity wins at the end of the day.

How It Works: Starting Your Own Blogging and Freelance Side Hustle

Step 1: Identifying Your Skillset

Firstly, dig deep and identify your hidden talents or polished skills. Are you a wizard with graphic design, or perhaps a connoisseur of good taste? Whatever your forte, it’s your ticket to beginning a successful side gig.

Step 2: Setting Up Shop Online

  • Create profiles on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.
  • Dive into assignments that play to your strengths, such as designing YouTube thumbnails or crafting event flyers.

Step 3: Expanding Your Services

The journey doesn’t end with one service. When opportunity knocks—like an offer to try web design—grab that door handle and teach yourself new skills using tools like WordPress or Webflow.

Becoming the Gift Guru

If gifts are your game:

  1. Start by setting up a blog—the cornerstone for sharing your gift wisdom.
  2. Draft categories and curate products from Amazon or Etsy using affiliate programs for monetization.

Step 4: Growing Your Audience

    • Promotion: Engage in online communities without being pushy. Offer value, answer questions, and occasionally link back to your blog when relevant.


  • Traffic Generation: Explore the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and begin advertising. Remember, more eyes on the page could mean more coins in the piggy bank.

The Social Media Shuffle

Spend time mingling on the dance floors of Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok. Share snippets of content but always keep it genuine—attract fans, not just followers.

Leveraging Content Strategies

Balancing Acts:

Weighing provocative content versus heartfelt assistance is key. An occasional dash of controversy might ignite conversation but remember—authenticity fosters trust!


  • Financial Flexibility: Engaging in freelance work through platforms like Fiverr and Upwork provides the chance to earn between $150 to $300 per project, showcasing the potential for substantial supplemental income.
  • Lifelong Learning: The ability to self-teach skills such as web design indicates that this business model allows for continuous personal growth and adaptation to new market demands.
  • Diversification of Income Sources: Creating a blog with affiliate marketing opportunities demonstrates how one can diversify their revenue streams, which can lead to steady earnings averaging $2,000-$3,000 monthly.
  • Work-Life Balance: The flexibility of choosing when and where to work presents a lifestyle advantage that accommodates periods of industry downtime or personal preference for a less traditional working schedule.
  • Scalability Potential: By mastering key online tools and strategies such as SEO and social media engagement, it’s possible to gradually build a following that increases traffic—and by extension—potential earnings over time.


  • Income Instability: Shifting from a steady job to freelancing can lead to unpredictable income, especially during industry strikes or off-seasons.
  • Learning Curve: One may need to rapidly acquire new skills, such as web design or SEO, which can be challenging without prior experience.
  • Limited Time: Dividing attention between multiple ventures like blogging and freelance projects can stretch one’s schedule thin, potentially impacting the quality of work.
  • Social Media Demands: Maintaining an online presence requires constant engagement that is time-consuming and may not always translate into profitable conversions.
  • Saturated Market Competition: Standing out in a crowded field of content creators and freelancers is tough and success often involves competing against well-established entities for visibility.

Income-Generating Platforms Used by Ana Julia

Fiverr and Upwork

Ana Julia turned to Fiverr and Upwork when work in the film industry slowed down. She leverages her graphic design skills to create:

  • YouTube thumbnails
  • Event flyers for the music industry
  • Animated visuals for DJ sets

Earnings from these projects range from $150 to $300 each, making it a direct source of income.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

The blog called The Check Stand, started as a side hobby, became another revenue stream through:

    • Blogging with posts focused on gift recommendations.
    • Affiliate marketing programs like Amazon and Etsy, where Ana includes affiliate links in her posts.
  • Making about $50 daily initially, but now she earns an average of $2,000-$3,000 per month with higher earnings during holiday seasons.

Web Design Services

Ana expanded her freelance offerings to include web design services after teaching herself utilizing platforms such as:

These services further contribute to her income between film projects.

Entering the Prop Master and Freelance Design Industry

Understanding the Revenue Model

The prop master and set dressing industry, combined with freelance graphic and web design, presents a unique business model. The major revenue streams include:

  • Project-based income: Earnings from working on film sets.
  • Freelance work: Income from graphic design services such as creating YouTube thumbnails, event flyers, and animated visuals.
  • Affiliate marketing: Profit from recommending products through an affiliate blog with links to external vendors.

The Industry at a Glance

In this creative field, your success hinges on the following activities:

  • Sourcing Props: Acquiring and maintaining a diverse collection of props for various film projects.
  • Crafting Visual Elements: Designing graphics or websites that meet client specifications in the music or other industries.
  • Blogging with Strategy: Producing engaging content focused on niches such as gift-giving while mastering SEO techniques.

The Initial Investment Breakdown

To kickstart a similar venture, one should anticipate the following start-up costs:

  1. Educational Expenses: A foundation in film studies or design might necessitate formal education or online courses.
  2. Tech Setup: An investment in reliable computer hardware, software subscriptions for design tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, and website hosting services is essential. Estimated Cost: $2,000 – $5,000
  3. Promotional Activities: Budget allocation for advertising one’s services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork may be required. Estimated Cost: $300 – $500 monthly

Essential Tools & Services for Monetizing Creative Talents

Freelance Platforms

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

Graphic Design Software & Hardware

  • Computer with robust graphic capabilities
  • Graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Drawing tablet (optional for digital artists)

Web Design and Development Tools

  • Website builders: WordPress, Wix, Webflow
  • No prior developer or UX designer knowledge presumed necessary.

Blogging and Content Creation Services

  • Blogging platforms (self-hosted or on WordPress, Medium etc.)
    Social Media Platforms for Promotion:
    – Facebook
    – Reddit
    – Pinterest
    – TikTok
    Affiliate Marketing Programs:
    – Amazon Affiliate Program
    – Etsy Affiliate ProgramAnecdotal Research and Inspiration Sources:
    – Personal life interactions
    – Community group discussions

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