Quarantine check-in and savings, you?

Quarantine check-in and savings, you?


Here’s a quick corona check-in over here:

  • # of days self-quarantined now: 13
  • # of people infected in our household: 0
  • # of days it took to feel “normal”: 5 (amazing how fast you adapt!)
  • # of times I’ve screamed “OH HELL NO!” after hearing the news: 387
  • # of times I’ve shut down the news and promised to never look again: 387 😉
  • # of times I’ve invested in the crashing market so far: 3
  • State of the kids happiness: Disneyland levels!!
  • State of the parents sanity: Ever seen a Yo-Yo on drugs? 😉

Other things I’ve come to realize over the past handful of days:

We’re lucky as hell to have jobs we can do completely online. (And thank the inventors of the internet every single day for being the glue that holds this world together right now!)

We no longer try to keep our house tidy.

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