A Christian’s Perspective on Debt-Free Living

A Christian’s Perspective on Debt-Free Living

[Morning! Please welcome to the site today, Larry Thomas, who shares his financial recovery going through Dave Ramsey’s baby steps program. If you can believe it this was actually a *comment* left in response to our post on 6 things Dave Ramsey is Wrong About, but had to share it here in the form of a blog post as I thought it made for an excellent counter-perspective. Here’s his note below briefly edited for clarity. Thanks, Larry!]


In January of 2005 I was organizing the financial information for the preparation of my 2004 tax return.

To my amazement, I found that during the 2004 year my wife and I’s income was just over $100,000 before taxes. I proceeded to add our joint income for the previous years from 1999 to 2004. It came to more than $540,000.

I was stunned.

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