Side Hustle #79: Flipping Guitars! ($10,000/year)

Side Hustle #79: Flipping Guitars! ($10,000/year)

[Welcome to another installment of our Side Hustle Series!! Daniella from stops by the blog today to share her and her wife’s experience (and profits!) selling guitars over the past few years… Which matches up nicely with our previous hustles of flipping vintage watches, classic video games, high-fashion clothing, and even collectible sneakers! But today it’s all about the *music gear* and how it can help you earn some extra money on the side… Take it away, Daniella!]


My wife Alexandra is the real mastermind behind all of this. It all started with her own guitar collection.

She’s been a collector for years and started selling off some of her collection. She took the profit from some of those first sales and applied it towards buying other guitars to flip on platforms like eBay, Sweetwater and Reverb (platforms more specific to music gear).

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