It’s official – I’m a Minivan Dad!!

It’s official – I’m a Minivan Dad!!

And boy, do I feel like a dad haha…

One of the first things I actually noticed, but it’s kinda cool! I AM a dad, and I’m proud to be one! 🙂

I’m not sure it’s my favorite car yet, but after a week of driving it so far it isn’t the worst thing in the world… And my kids are obsessed with it! They literally ask to go with me EVERYWHERE now just so they can hang out in it, haha… They’re also enjoying their newfound independence of buckling themselves in and opening/closing the doors too – now that they can’t ding a car even if they tried. They even stand up in the back to put their jackets/backpacks on – it’s crazy roomy!

The one thing I’m finding I like the most so far, though, is just the fact we’re finally now *experiencing* life with a minivan instead of always wondering and thinking about it all the time.

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