Cheat Sheet on “The Automatic Millionaire”

Cheat Sheet on “The Automatic Millionaire”


So if you’ve never read the classic $$$ book, “Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach, today you luck out and get a cheat sheet on it to tide you over until you wise up 😉

The winner of it from our giveaway just emailed me saying she devoured it in two days and it’s now one of her top 3 favorite finance books (as it is mine!), and then proceeded to tell me she’s making a one-pager summarizing everything to pass around to friends. As soon as I heard that I of course asked if I could grab a copy too to pass around to everyone, and now here we are with her Cliffs Notes!

You can download a PDF of it here if you want to print out and share too — Automatic Millionaire Summary – but below you’ll find her notes for an even quicker gander.

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