6 more $$$ hacks!

6 more $$$ hacks!

Here are a bunch more hacks to add to that FIRE Spreadsheet 😉

I was going to wait until I had a little more saved up, but some of these were just way too good to be hidden for long! Haha…

Tips don’t do anyone good just sitting in the inbox 🙂

Hope you find something new to try!


The Landfill Trigger

Here’s a little flip to the financial empowerment game. Last year I walked in to a Fred Meyer department store and looked out over a sea of dresses, shoes, belts, hats, bathing suits, appliances, lawn furniture, outdoor games… you get the picture. And suddenly, I realized that it was all destined for a landfill eventually. All. Of. It. And just like that, I didn’t want to buy anything.

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