Jimmy’s History of Personal Finance

Jimmy’s History of Personal Finance

[What up what up! Been getting a TON of response from our post the other day on the history of our net worth, so thought we’d continue the fun and share another person’s financial background today 😉 Can never see too many numbers about money, am I right?! Take it away, Jimmy…]


Inspired by J. Money’s recent, “How we grew our net worth to $900k,” I offer the following: “Jimmy’s History of Personal Finance.” Below is a quick summary on my $652,000 net worth and how I got there. I am 52 years old and a native Texan.

Retirement account ($253,000) – I’m a career educator and probably the best financial decision I made was maintaining my participation in the Texas Teacher Retirement System. Current assets are at $253,000, however, I will draw a six figure annual pension based on my 30 year career as a teacher and administrator.

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