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A useless but fun perspective on money.

A useless but fun perspective on money.

That was the subject line of a note I just got in response to yesterday’s net worth post, and the contents did not disappoint 😉

Here’s what my new favorite person shared:


Sometimes I do this to get a new, fun perspective on money:

a.) Convert the length of your dollars (6”) to feet, $791,150 = 395,575 ft.
b.) Convert 395,575 feet to miles = 75 miles
c.) Google map a radius of 75 miles from your home and pick a location
d.) Imagine laying all those dollars end to end to that location and walking the path

Just a fun way to visualize you still have lots of cash even after the latest downturns.

Me? From my home in Littleton, Colorado I can make it all the way to Laramie, Wyoming. (137 miles).

Completely useless information but sometimes makes me feel better dreaming of a thin green line down the middle of the highway.

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