Would you live at The Mall for $700/mo?

Would you live at The Mall for $700/mo?

Just heard about this on the radio this morning and so fascinated by it… Apparently you can – or soon can – rent an apartment at the mall for only $700/mo! Would you do it??

I’ll be honest, if I were single I’d be all over that.

First – At only $700 it would be a steal in this area as I currently pay over 3x that!

Second – I LOVE being around people, even if I’m not talking to them, so the idea that you can have thousands walking around right out your door would be so cozy to me… Kinda like your own New York City, only all indoors and much better smelling 😉

Third – TALK ABOUT CONVENIENCE!! Everything you’d need would literally be within steps of your door! And if there are Costcos and gyms and what not attached you’d have it even better.

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