10 More #Savings Ideas For Ya

10 More #Savings Ideas For Ya

What up, what up!

Here are a bunch of savings ideas from our community lately.

Hope you find one that turbocharges your wealth! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°


The dollar bills trick: β€œI save one dollar bills with the number 7 on them.Β  It’s fun, and in 3 months I already have $250.00 cash.” – Tanya W.

The quarter roller trick: β€œWhat I do to save is I have a $10 quarter roller with the bottom taped shut, and whenever the extra money after bills in my wallet doesn’t end with a five or a zero (like, say, I have $13 in my wallet) I take that $3 and put it in the roller until it’s full. Then I throw it right into my savings and start adding to it again.” – AngelC

How to get free beer: β€œWe realized if I started cutting my husband’s hair we could use that money each month to go on a happy hour date instead.

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