Side Hustle #75: Picking Out Lice For Money!!

Side Hustle #75: Picking Out Lice For Money!!

[Now here’s a side hustle you don’t hear of every day – being a lice picker 😉 But it’s apparently a thing, and one our guest hustler stops by the site today to share more about! Take it away Jessica, aka The Patient Picker! Haha… No one ever said this stuff had to be glamorous.]


One of the tasks on my financial independence checklist is to establish multiple income streams. Thankfully, earlier this year, an unexpected (and disgusting) opportunity arose to help me add some cash to my wallet.

I was doing my daughter’s hair one morning and saw something move under her bangs. I held my breath and thought, Oh no, they’ve found us! Sure enough, the lice that we had successfully evaded all school year had made a home on my daughter’s pretty little blonde head.

I’d never encountered lice before, and was honestly in shock.

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