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6 Things Dave Ramsey Is Wrong About

[Happy Friday! Got a juicy guest post for you today by fellow blogger and money coach, Christine Luken. I know many of you have opinions on Dave Ramsey, so make sure to stop by the comments after and share them with us 😉 I couldn’t help but interject my own thoughts throughout as well – so hopefully you come away with some better insights after reading this! Enjoy!]


Sixteen years ago, I facilitated my first Financial Peace University (FPU) class.

If you’ve never heard of it, Financial Peace University is money guru, Dave Ramsey’s, cornerstone financial literacy course. Having been to financial rock bottom myself, I appreciated his no-nonsense, tough love approach to money management. In fact, I facilitated FPU for ten years, sometimes teaching the class multiple times a year at my church as an unpaid volunteer.

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