Resource of The Month: “Playing with FIRE” Documentary

Hi guys!

This month’s feature is going to be different than the last one because you can’t go out and consume it *just yet*, but I wanted to get it on your radar because it checks off everything I look for in recommendations and thought you’d enjoy a sneak peek of it 😉

It’s a new full-length documentary called “Playing with FIRE“, and it aims to capture the truths around financial independence, as well as to dispel all the myths surrounding the growing culture too – despite them mainly coming from haters. (*Ahem* Suze Orman *ahem*).

There are also a ton of $$$ bloggers in it, and I may or may not make a guest appearance in the trailer around minute mark 0.22 😉

Here’s a sneak peek below – check it out!!

[embedded content]

[Here’s the direct link to it too, fyi: youtube.

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