Itโ€™s Not About The Money, Itโ€™s About The *Lifestyle*

Itโ€™s Not About The Money, Itโ€™s About The *Lifestyle*

I donโ€™t know if you caught it, but in our last net worth update I slipped in something pretty nonchalantly that really should have been more chalant ๐Ÿ˜‰

Weโ€™ll see if we reach [a million dollars] before the downturn, but either way it really doesnโ€™t matter as itโ€™s not the *amount* that counts, but the *lifestyle* it gives you.

It took me a good 6 or 7 years to finally come to this realization, but when you figure out that this is the whole point of chasing all that money, it really puts things in better perspective. Especially when you realize that there are parts to your lifestyle you can start implementing RIGHT NOW to improve it that doesnโ€™t even cost a cent! (Walks, naps, Adventure Tuesdays! (see below))

I think we get so caught up in wanting more all the time that we donโ€™t step back to see the overall picture.

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