Resource of The Month: The ICE Binder!

Resource of The Month: The ICE Binder!

Remember our post last year on the Legacy Binder idea?

Where you put all the important details about your money/life/etc into one main spot in case someone ever needs it one day? After of course telling that special person where it’s located?? 😉

Well, Chelsea from just made this super easy for people to do, and just compiled a whopping 90+ page PDF where all you have to do is fill in the blanks the next time you have 100 hours and you’ll be all set to go, haha… (but at least they’ll be productive hours!)

(“ICE” = “In Case of Emergency”)

It does cost money ($29), but if you actually follow through with this you’ll save your entire family thousands of hours – and probably dollars – trying to figure out where everything is on that fateful day you rise to the heavens.

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