Are You Down With OPP? (Other People’s Money?)

Are You Down With OPP? (Other People’s Money?)

(Big ups to A. Money for naming this series for us, haha… OPP – clever!)

Welcome to Round II of Other People’s Money!

Where we blast out juicy numbers for everyone to see, and then include a snapshot on their background for even further ogling perspective 😉

Up this time around: a millionaire who doesn’t feel like a millionaire, a traveling Cardiac ICU Registered Nurse, a Hebrew software engineer, and a 64 year old real estate millionaire who used to be homeless (and penniless) just 18 years ago…

Jump into the different lifestyles here and see if you can find some good motivation!

Snapshot #1: The Millionaire “Imposter”

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-56789" src="" alt="net worth snapshot aaron" width="600" height="420" srcset="http://makemoney.

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