Ever try tracking what you spend on *wants*?

Ever try tracking what you spend on *wants*?

We all know that tracking every transaction helps keep you accountable, but what if you were to just focus on the *wants* side of the equation?

Would it open up your eyes even more or change future habits?

I’ve been doing it for about a week now and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it 🙂 It hasn’t affected my patterns *too* much yet, but I’ve never sat down to actually figure out just how much I spend on fluff, so I’m def. curious what I’ll find over the next month.

Here’s what I’ve been spending so far:

  • Day #1: $0.00 (it’s working already! ;))
  • Day #2: $35.00 (membership to a local organization)
  • Day #3: $3.28 (coffee & a bagel)
  • Day #4: $5.

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