The Buyerarchy of Needs

The Buyerarchy of Needs

Caught this on the internets the other day and almost had a moneygasm!

It comes from the beautiful mind of Sarah Lazarovic, and thought we’d marinate on it for a bit as it’s pretty epic… Link to download the high res version is down below if you want to print or share it around. Would make an excellent companion piece to that high school money class too!

The 6 Stages of The Buyerarchy:

#1. Use what you have Yup, best place to start! It’s not always the most fun or shiny, but it sure is the most economical (and useful). Our households are all overflowing with stuff, and half the time we probably own whatever we’re looking for anyways! Shop your house before going anywhere else!

#2. Borrow — BOOM.

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