Things I’ve never been hardcore enough to try

Things I’ve never been hardcore enough to try

I’ve tried a lot of experiments with my money over the years, but there are still some I’ve never been able to pull the trigger on.

Here’s a list of them below – perhaps you’ve accomplished them and lived to tell the tale? 🙂

#1. Using cash only for an entire month

I swear this one’s been at the top of the list for 5 years now, but ever since having kids I just haven’t had the energy to give it a real go, haha…

I could get by with daily expenses just fine (I already use cash for most of those), but how the heck would you pull off paying your rent or utility bills, or even Netflix with only cash money? Can you just walk into their headquarters with a wad of it and hope they don’t give you the side eye?

I actually paid for coffee in spare change the other day and I swear the cashier didn’t know how to add it up, haha… So until I’m kid-free or we revert to the pre-plastic days, I’m afraid this one will remain on ice.

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