Have You Mastered These Three Foundations of Money?

Have You Mastered These Three Foundations of Money?

Got a great/feisty comment the other day on all those savings tips and tricks we shared, and thought we’d take some time today to compare and see where we stand on these recommendations 😉

It comes from Cody Wheeler over at AcademySuccess.com, and according to him these are the things we should be paying attention to the most:

Do these three major things as the foundation of your money, and all of the above matter a lot less (although these are still some interesting tips):

– Make sure your housing is reasonable for your income level, around 20% or so of your “take home” pay.

So many people get caught up in the allure of housing that it wrecks their available cash flow. Only upgrade when your income increases significantly, not when you “run out of space”. Most people don’t need more space. They just need less stuff.

– Same with your car.

Do what you can to avoid ever having a car payment.

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