Free Press Release Distribution: Where To Get It

Free Press Release Distribution: Where To Get It

Whoever said that you couldn’t get anything for free was lying. When it comes to press release distribution, you absolutely can. There are plenty of online services that will let you submit your articles or news for press distribution. And if it’s for free, then what harm can it do?

Of course, you have to set your expectations straight. Free press release distribution will not give you the same effects a paid one will do. However, if you are entirely against paying for one, getting one for free can still reap a few results. But before we delve into that, here are some things you need to consider before getting free press release distribution:

  • Press release distribution can be a useful tool to boost your site’s SEO.

These days, the distribution of press release has become less of a PR and marketing strategy and more of a way to boost a website’s SEO rankings. However, keep in mind that some press release distribution website is very strict in regards to this. So when submitting your press release, make sure it is of high quality and not just something ridden with SEO keywords.

  • You do not actually get much for “free.”

What really is free? You should manage your expectations when it comes to websites offering press distribution without a cost. Sometimes, these websites don’t actually send your press release to news media outlets, but only post it on their websites for a limited time. There are a few rare services who legitimately distribute your press release the right way. However, they do not give as much priority or effort on it as they do their paid ones.

  • You should still consider doing a paid press release.

Nothing beats a legitimate paid press release distribution, and that is the truth. Websites that offer paid press release have the higher credibility to media outlets and journalists. Paid distribution actually delivers your press lease in front of credible journalists and media establishments. Furthermore, paid distribution often comes with reports and analysis once the press release is distributed.

Free Press Release Distribution Websites

Now that you know what to expect read ahead for a list places you can get press release distribution for free.

  • – Offers both free and paid distribution. Their paid services allow for better placing and a permanent archiving of your press release.
  • – A website that offers more than just free press release distribution. They also have tools and websites you can use for several marketing strategies.
  • – If you are new to press release submission, this guide offers a quick and easy process. Their paid service gives you more boost.
  • – Offers quality press distribution to search engines and other websites.
  • – Gives addition ad-support alongside free distribution.
  • – Transparently free press release distribution to news websites, blogs, and search engines.
  • – Free distribution but only on a blog format.
  • – Your press release will be distributed to newswires, search engines, and RSS feeds. Paid service will give your press release priority.
  • – Free distribution. The site also offers educational tools and lessons to help you learn how to write a press release.
  • – Free press release distribution including Google News and other search engines.
  • Press release distribution Newswire – paid service but one of the best pricing and press release service in the market.


There are plenty of places to get your press release distributed for free. And if you are merely looking for ways to get word of your business out there, they can certainly give results. However, if you want results that will make a difference, it might be a better idea to invest in quality press distribution.


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