Johnny told his wife about his debt! (Also: sock mittens)

Johnny told his wife about his debt! (Also: sock mittens)

Hey guys!!

So get this – our guy “Johnny” from the other day took everyone’s advice and TOLD HIS WIFE about all his debt!! Despite how scared he was about it all!

And I’m happy to say he’s alive and still married, haha…

In fact, his wife even commented on our blog post and sounds like a blessing of a person:

Hey everyone,

An update on our situation:

He came clean to me tonight, followed by showing me this post. I read through it, and I read through all of your comments. Thank you for the positive feedback and advice. Many of you share my thoughts/have similar ideas of how to take care of this situation. It is comforting to see these thoughts because I am a bit ignorant when it comes to financial things (I’m an elementary teacher). I know the basics, and I’m pretty good with my money but don’t know much about tracking and keeping solid financial records like some of you were mentioning.

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