The Dipper and The Bucket

The Dipper and The Bucket

I came across a new blog this week (Bucking The Trend), and one of the articles on it really hit home. It was about living a more meaningful and deliberate life, where the blogger listed out about 15 or so DO’s and DON’Ts to live by. Keeping his family and kids in the forefront of his thinking.

Here were some of my favorite lines from it:

  • DO be thankful for what you have and not resentful of what you don’t.
  • DO NOT feel like you ‘deserve’ anything.
  • DO have integrity – do what you say and say what you do.  You’d be amazed how far you can get by simply showing up when you say you will.
  • DO NOT care what others think of you.

And then my most favorite:

  • DO be a bucket-filler and not a bucket-dipper.

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