The King Has Arrived!

The King Has Arrived!

Introducing my new baby boy!

(Because apparently I don’t know how to make girls ;))

Baby Dime gives our growing family a nice sum of 16 whole cents now, and I’m pleased to announce he’s just as healthy as he is cute 🙂

*Say hi to everyone, little guy!!!!*

And compared to his older two brothers so far, he has been a dream! Super relaxed and goes with the flow, and we’ve only had one super hard night in the past 7 days or so since he’s been alive… Hopefully it continues!

And I gotta say, there is a huge perk of having another kid of the same sex:


I swear we’ve maybe only bought two or three things in the past 9 months like a new car seat (did you know they expire??), but everything else we had more than covered….

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