The “Debt vs. Savings” Trump Card

The “Debt vs. Savings” Trump Card

Y’all know by now my answer to most financial debates is that the emotions beat out the math, but there’s one thing that always trumps that which I haven’t been the greatest about voicing. Partly because I thought it was obvious, but also because I forget just how nasty the debt industry can be!

This Q&A I just had with a reader covers it pretty well, so I’m just going to share it here for everyone to see, and so that I also have a place to point people to in future discussions as well.

There IS a caveat to the savings vs debt hierarchy, so hopefully this clears it up a little!

From Johnny*:

Hey J,

One personal finance question that I keeping struggling with is the debt vs savings hierarchy. Your recent posts that cover the concept of emotions vs numbers are making me evaluate this even further.

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