Google Launches “More Results” on Mobile SERPs

Google Launches “More Results” on Mobile SERPs

With Google continuing their push towards mobile-friendly usage, the company has launched an update on the Google Search mobile app. The latest update puts the “More Results” button in place of the classic “Next” button where you can navigate the next 10 results in different pages.


This means that users would be able to view all of the search results in a single page, which aims to make navigation of search results much more efficient and user-friendly. The update is readily available on the Google search app and other mobile browsers, while the update has yet to be available on Google Chrome mobile and iOS.

Taking a look

With the “More Results” button taking the place of “Next”, this means that all of the search results can be accessed in a single page, instead of having to move to a new one. Mobile users can see this as a welcome change, as it would make navigating through search results much easier.

Search More Button

How will this affect SEO?


Aside from seeing each the lookup results in 1 page, search positions still stay the same, which means it is still best to maintain your site and content at the top of search results pages. Another advantage that consumers may get from that is that users can find more content much quicker, thanks to having all the results being in a single page.

This can help boost mobile traffic to a certain degree. As users would have the ability to discover more information beyond the first 10 search results considerably quicker. For content that’s been stuck at the second or even third pages of the search results on the desktop, this might help boost their visitors just enough to position on the first page.

More Mobile Optimization


However, the goal will always be getting on top of the search rankings, and sticking to a solid strategy, which includes content and keyword marketing, and also implementing AMP and mobile-friendly layouts. With Google prioritizing mobile search more than ever, cellular optimization is one of the best ways to future-proof your site.

When it comes to AMP, it is best to make the switch whenever possible, as it helps improve mobile compatibility, and helps increase loading rate, which has recently become a major ranking factor on mobile. In reality, Google is pushing the requirement to change over to AMP, as they’re now requiring both Canonical and AMP pages must match this 2018, together with expanding to mails and ads.

With loading speed becoming a major ranking factor, Google is starting the Speed update by July 2018. It is best to prepare this update accordingly and run a website audit through tools such as Google Lighthouse and Woorank to get an accurate assessment of your site and discover the very best ways to improve your website’s functionality.

Key Takeaway


With Google rolling out more upgrades for cellular users, that would make mobile devices the primary location where people would search. As usual, this is simply a minor update to Google’s services, as we would be seeing more mobile search updates which help push the mobile-first program this 2018.

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